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Her children inherited her beauty.


Whenever an allied unit is destroyed during your turn, Spawn an Arachas Drone and Summon it to a random allied row.

Animated card

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Gwent icon.png Gwent Update: Jan 31, 2019:  Recruit cap increase changed from +12 to +15.

Gwent icon.png Gwent Update: Jan 10, 2019:  Leaders no longer affect mulligans but increase the recruit cap for their deck; Arachas Queen increase: +12.

Gwent icon.png Gwent Update: Dec 04, 2018:  Mulligan value changed from 1 to 2.

Gwent icon.png Gwent Update: Oct 23, 2018:  Ability Rework. Each leader will determine total mulligan count; Arachas Queen value: 1. Removed Insectoid tag.

Gwent icon.png Gwent Update: Dec 19, 2017:  Added.