Normal and premium cards can be crafted using scraps; alternatively, normal cards may also be "transmuted" into premium cards using Meteorite Powder, destroying the normal card in the process. Both types of cards may also be milled (i.e. destroyed) to gain scraps and, in the case of premium cards, meteorite powder.

The amount of materials needed for crafting and rewarded for milling are based upon the type and rarity of the card, as seen below:

Rarity/Type Crafting cost Milling reward Transmute cost
Common 30 IconScraps 10 IconScraps
Common Premium 200 IconScraps IconScraps 20 IconPowder 100 IconPowder
Rare 80 IconScraps 20 IconScraps
Rare Premium 400 IconScraps 10 IconScraps 50 IconPowder 200 IconPowder
Epic 200 IconScraps 50 IconScraps
Epic Premium 800 IconScraps 50 IconScraps 80 IconPowder 300 IconPowder
Legendary 800 IconScraps 200 IconScraps
Legendary Premium 1600 IconScraps 200 IconScraps 120 IconPowder 400 IconPowder
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