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She revealeth herself as the Fairhaired Ladie, in flowers all, and all that liveth followeth her path and clingeth to her, as one, plant or beast.


Order: Play a Scoia'tael card from your deck with 0 Provision Cost or less. This value is raised by 1 for every unique primary category among Scoia'tael cards in your starting deck.

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Ainmaehí aen coinblea't. (Rabid beasts.)

Caudaíonn caonac'h sae'n sithe. (Moss shall cover your homes.)

Fásaidh foraisí aerís. (Forests shall cover the world once more.)

Glac'c tú an'eomargha! (You took too much!)

Ní meór an'tiarmé aetrú. (Balance must be restored.)


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