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Alpha Version of Gwent was exclusively available to public at E3, Gamescom, Pax West & Brazil Game Show in 2016.

Card Template Comparison


See Leader, Silver and Bronze Comparison


Note: Some of the cards weren't fully shown (their abilities were unknown at a time) and won't be included.


Northern Realms




Ability Types and their Icons


General icons were attached to more than one card, mostly Bronzes, as well as some Silvers and Golds.

Alchemistsileicon.png Inspire: Fresh Recruits. Attached to Alchemist and Sile de Tansarville.
Choice.png Choice. Attached to e.g. Bloody Baron and Saskia.
DeathwishAlpha.png Deathwish. Attached to e.g. Prize Winning Cow and Golem.
Clear Skies Icon.png Fair Weather. Attached ton Clear Skies and Sarah.
Consume.png Empower: Necrophage etc. (Consume). Attached to e.g. Ekimmara and Grave Hag.
Copy.png Horde (Copy). Attached to e.g. Caranthir.
Fog.png Fog. Attached to Impenetrable Fog and Triss: Butterfly Spell.
Fog boost.png Empower: Fogwalker. Attached to (?). Wasn't released to public.
Rain boost.png Empower: Rainwalker. Attached to Giant Toad.
Frost boost.png Empower: Frostwalker. Attached to e.g. Ice Giant and Wild Hunt Warrior.
Morale boost.png Empower: Revenge / Power Absorber. Attached to e.g. Clan an Craite Warrior and Hav'caaren Smuggler.
Mrl boost.png Encourage (Row). Attached to e.g. Clan Tordarroch Armorsmith and Morenn.
Morale - xd.png Discourage (Row). Attached to e.g. Field Marshall Duda: Agitator.
Horn.png Inspire. Attached to e.g. Commander's Horn, Dandelion and Priscilla.
Muster.png Muster: Royal Retinue / Crones etc. Attached to e.g. Cerys and Crones.
Ambush.png Muster: All for One. Attached to e.g. Blue Mountain Commando and Dol Blathanna Marksman.
Muster tight.png Muster: Unity (Muster Tight Bond Units). Attached to e.g. Blue Stripes Commando and Dun Banner Light Cavalry.
Plague.png Plague. Attached to Epidemic and Leo Bonhart.
Saboteur.png Spy: Commando (Saboteur). Attached to Yaevinn and (Toruviel as a placeholder?).
Scorchicon.png Incinerate - Attached to Scorch. Ignite - Attached to Schirru.
Scorch row.png Incinerate / Inferno (Row). Attached to e.g. Myrgtabrakke and Borkh Three Jackdaws.
Spy.png Spy. Attached to Dijkstra and Thaler.
Summon.png Summon. Attached to e.g. Leshen (now known as Woodland Spirit) and Imlerith.
Decoyicon.png Swap. Attached to Decoy and Vrihedd Officer.
Draw and play.png Muster: Blue Stripes / Mahakaman Guard etc. (Draw & Play). Attached to e.g. Ves and Sheldon Skaggs.
Drawicon.png Spy: Emissary / Spy: Diplomat etc. (Draw). Attached to e.g. Avallac'h: the Sage and Donar an Hindar.
Wa.png (Unknown, Trap?) Wasn't released to public.
Promotion.png Promotion: Rising Star etc. Attached to e.g. Dun Banner Heavy Cavalry and Promote.
Resurrect.png Resurrection. Attached to e.g. Hawker Healer and Nenneke.
Tight bonder.png Tight Bond. Attached to e.g. Reinforced Trebuchet and Reinforced Ballista.
Transform.png Transform. Attached to Berserker and Young Berserker.
Choice deathwish.png Deathwish Choice. Attached to (?). Wasn't released to public.
Fog resistance.png Fog Resistance. Attached to (?). Wasn't released to public.
Frost resist.png Frost Resistance. Attached to (?). Wasn't released to public.
Rain resistent.png Rain Resistance. Attached to Clan Dimun Pirate Captain (falsely, remains of the old ability).
Morale b.png Discourage (?). Wasn't released to public (?).


Unique icons were attached to a single card (applies to some Silver & Gold cards).

Aardicon.png Aard. Attached to Geralt: Aard.
Igniicon.png Igni. Attached to Geralt: Igni.
Frost.png Frost. Attached to Biting Frost.
Rain.png Rain. Attached to Torrential Rain.
Grave digger.png Grave Digger. Attached to Caretaker.
Ale.png Encourage: Hangover. Attached to Odrin.
Moralee boost.png Encourage: Rally (Your side of the Board). Attached to John Natalis.
Obilerate.png Obliterate (Cull). Attached to Draug.
White frost icon.png White Frost.
Roachicon.png I'll be there for you. Attached to Roach.
Ragnarroog.png Ragh nar Roog. Attached to Kambi.
Udalryk icon.png Udalryk.
Return to hand.png Withdrawal. Attached to Ciri: Blink.
Natures gift icon.png Lille's Blessing. Attached to Nature's Gift.
Medic boost.png Resurrection: Freya's Grace. Attached to Sigrdrifa.
Medic deathwish.png Resurrection: Decompression. Attached to Coral.
Unicornicon.png Unicorn.
Pick One Deathwish.png Spy: Prophetic Powers. Attached to Ithlinne Aegli.
Whale.png Discourage: Curse Bringer. Attached to Whale from the Cave of Dreams.
Skellig storm icon.png Skellige Storm.
Sheldon.png Muster: Olaf the Bear / Vabjorn.
Dun banner icon.png Dun Banner. Likely attached to Dun Banner Standard, wasn't released to public.
Feast icon.png Feast. Likely attached to Grand Feast, wasn't released to public..
Morale.png Discourage: Rally (?). Wasn't released to public..
Frenzy.png Frenzy (?). Wasn't released to public.
Holy harmony.png Holy Harmony (?). Wasn't released to public.
Charm.png Charm (?). Wasn't released to public
Wild.png Wild (?). Wasn't released to public.
Mushrooms icon.png Spores. Attached to Mushrooms.
Resilient.png (Resilient Inspire?). Wasn't released to public.
Resilient morale boost.png (Resilient Morale Boost?). Wasn't released to public.
Resilience.png (Muster Resilient Units). Wasn't released to public.
Muster immune to rain.png (Muster Units that are Immune to Rain). Wasn't released to public.
Muster promotion.png Muster: Fearless. Attached to Redanian Elite.
Muster transform.png (Muster units that Transform). Later attached to Young Berserker.
Muster frost.png Frostwalker: Legion. Attached to Wild Hunt Rider.
Mstr booster by fog.png Fogwalker: Legion. Attached to Ancient Foglet.
Muster bst by rain.png Rainwalker: Legion. Attached to Siren.
Muster froster.png (?). Wasn't released to public.
Muster fog.png (?). Wasn't released to public.
Musterrain.png (?). Wasn't released to public.
Weather bound frost.png Weatherbound: Frost. Attached to Wild Hunt Hound.
Weather bound.png Weatherbound: Fog. Attached to Foglet.
Weatherbound rain.png Weatherbound: Rain. Wasn't released to public.

Note: Some of the cards, despite sharing the same Icon have totally different abilities; see Scorch & Schirru for example.


  • The game didn't have any additional Draws in-between Rounds. (only the initial Draw + redraws)
  • There was a system of Glyphs, Positive glyph Slots (for Commander's Horn & Mushrooms) on the left of the Board and Negative glyph Slots (for Weathers). Note that each Glyph could only be filled once during an entire Round, which meant no excessive spam of Commander's Horns on a single row (CH was Bronze and had the ability to double the strength of anything that isn't a Hero).
  • The minimal deck size was 22 and there was a restriction of 10 Special cards per Deck.
  • Northern Realms Faction Ability: If you lose a Round, Draw a Card.
  • Skellige Faction Ability: At the start of Round 3, Draw a Card from your Graveyard.
  • Troop, Character & Hero - Equivalent of the current Bronze, Silver & Gold terms, respectively.
  • There was a Neutral Troop (Bronze) unit; Alchemist. All the Neutral Bronzes in Beta version are special cards.
  • There were no Ambush cards, or they were not shown to public.
  • Commander's Horn, Decoy, Skellige Storm, White Frost and Scorch were Bronze cards - with the same effects they had in the beginning of Closed Beta as Silvers (!).
  • Skellige Storm was a Skellige card. White Frost was a Monsters card.
  • Nilfgaard wasn't available (was introduced in late stages of Closed Beta).
  • Some units had their strength set at 0, e.g. Field Marshall Duda: Agitator. In Beta, the lowest strength value is 1.
  • The Alpha version of the game featured some of the Unreleased Cards; Avallac'h: the Sage, Siren and Coral (different from the in-game one).
  • There were Semi-Agile Units, for example Hav'caaren Healer.