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Gwent Updates – Gwent Update: Feb 09, 2018

Jan 15, 2018 • • • • • List of Updates • • • • • Feb 28, 2018

New update for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is now available on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

The fifth Ranked Play season is live!

February 9th marks the beginning of the Mahakam season!

Moving forward, we want to give seasons their own theme and identity, as well as link the rewards with the season’s theme! Get your axes ready and remember — MMR, like Mahakam, wasn’t built in a day!

On topic of rewards — after switching to a month-long ranked play season system, we decided to make adjustments to reward distribution. You will now receive avatar borders and titles for achieving rank 10, 15 and 20. Avatars, on the other hand, will be awarded to players who reach rank 10 and 20, as well as those who manage to get a spot among a ranked play season’s top 10,000.

We’ll be evaluating the system again for the upcoming Season of the Bear (which will start in March – about 3 weeks from now), so stay tuned for more information!

With this update we’ve focused on introducing balance changes, as well as adding numerous game fixes and tooltip improvements to the game. Additionally, we’ve launched a weekend discount on transmutation of Premium Cards – until Tuesday, February 13th, 12 PM CET you will be able to upgrade cards to their Premium version for half of their transmutation cost.

We’ve also prepared a detailed overview describing all card changes introduced in this update and the reasoning behind it. If you are interested in the full patch notes, you can still find them below.

The following cards will have increased value for milling for 3 days following the release of the patch (more on this below):

  • Commander's Horn
  • Bone Talisman
  • Aglaïs
  • Iorveth: Meditation
  • Slyzard
  • Monster Nest
  • Slave Driver
  • Summoning Circle
  • Shani
  • Hym
  • Dwarven Skirmisher
  • Stammelford's Tremor
  • Dwarven Agitator
  • Mahakam Guard
  • Elven Scout
  • Doppler
  • Ciri: Nova
  • Berserker Marauder
  • Slave Infantry
  • Half-Elf Hunter
  • Restore
  • Ointment
  • Impera Enforcers
  • Avallac'h

When milled, the cards on the list will yield an amount of scraps and powder needed to craft a card of the same value during the 50% transmutation cost promo.

Full list of changes:

Neutral | General

  • Ciri: Nova will set self base power to 22, instead of 25.

Ciri: Nova has seen a lot of play since its inception into the game. She’s been a powerful finisher. One that could be easily countered with Geralt: Igni, which, based on stats, isn’t among cards being used the most. By bringing down the card’s power down to 22 points we’re making it slightly weaker when it comes to raw numbers, but still susceptible to Scorch.

Mill has been a fun archetype for some, while the bad apple of Gwent for others. And right in the middle of it all — Avallac’h. We decided to add the Doomed tag to this particular card, so it can now only be used once and can’t be resurrected with Renew. That said, the engine for mill is still there, but you’ve got to time it well.

Commander’s Horn has been a staple card since the beginning of Gwent’s development and has been iterated upon multiple times. Before the update, the amount of power this card could generate was too high (much higher than other Silver cards could), making it too popular for a Neutral Silver. We decided to tone it down a bit. We believe that this change was crucial, especially considering the card can be played twice via Eithne’s ability.

  • Summoning Circle won't be able to spawn copies of Agent units anymore. Removed Doomed Tag.

The ability to spawn multiple copies of Silver card advantage spies is something that crept into the game with the Midwinter Update. With this change, we want to balance the card advantage playing a Silver spy unit can potentially give a player to a single copy.

  • Tremors: Name change; Stammelford's Tremor. Won't spawn a Lesser Guardian anymore.

Double Tremors, courtesy of Ithlinne’s ability, can provide a really big power swing in and of itself. Adding Lesser Guardians to the mix made the card even more powerful. Looking into Tremors, we were considering a possible Ithlinne rework. However, given how much time it would take to plan and test her ability, we chose to shift focus to Tremors themselves. The end result is a change to the card’s ability, which now concentrates solely on damage dealing. A simple example would be having 12 units on you opponent's side. With the way Tremors were, an Ithlinne play would be worth 38 points (2 + 12 + 12 + 6 + 6). Following the update, this particular play is worth 26 (2 + 12 + 12). We’re aware it’s still more then some Gold cards, but we want to test this change before moving forward with a possible rework for Ithlinne.

Doppler was mainly used with access cards to create additional units. Removing Organic from the card’s categories decreases the amount of ways Doppler can be accessed. There were simply too many of these than intended, with some — like Herbalist (3 power plus an additional unit from Doppler) particularly — being too powerful.

  • Drought: Name change; Korathi Heatwave.
  • Blue Dream: Name change; Hanmarvyn's Dream.
  • Triss: Name change; Triss Merigold.
  • Geralt: Name change; Geralt of Rivia.
  • Hailstorm: Name change; Merigold's Hailstorm.
  • Iris: Name change; Iris von Everec.
  • Operator: Replaced Doomed Tag and Stubborn ability with a new Single-Use keyword in ability section.
  • Ocvist: Replaced "Do not repeat." with a new Single-Use keyword.
  • Olgierd: Name change; Olgierd von Everec.
  • Germain: Name change; Germain Piquant.
  • Frost: Name change; Biting Frost.
  • Fog: Name change; Impenetrable Fog.
  • Rain: Name change; Torrential Rain.
  • Boulder: Name change; Rock Barrage. Removed Organic Tag.
  • Spear: Name change; Mastercrafted Spear.
  • Cards which previously used the phrase "wherever they are" now use "in hand, deck, and on board".
  • Cards now use the term "toggle" to indicate that Lock, Spying, and Resilience statuses can be both added and removed.


Monster Nest is a powerful card across all Monster deck archetypes and is considered strong even without the inclusion of the boost mechanic. To avoid it becoming too powerful, we decided to take the boost effect down to 1.

  • Nithral will damage by 6 (instead of 5) and increase the damage by 1 for each Wild Hunt unit in your hand (previously dealt 7 damage if you were holding a Wild Hunt unit).

We really wanted to rework Nithral, not only because he’s a cool (pun intended) and really underappreciated character, but because his old ability made him an unpopular choice in decks. We want to test drive this ability for him and see how it influences his play rate.

  • Slyzard: Power changed from 3 to 2.

Slyzard is among the top 4 cards played not just in Consume, but across all Monster archetypes. This had us take a closer look at it and ultimately make the decision to decrease the card’s power by 1 point.

  • Caranthir: Name change; Caranthir Ar-Feiniel. Power changed from 8 to 9.
  • Kayran's power changed from 6 to 5. Will consume a unit with 7 power or less (previously 6 power or less).
  • Ifrit's power changed from 7 to 8.
  • Morvudd's power changed from 5 to 6.
  • Striga's power changed from 5 to 6.
  • Eredin: Name change; Eredin Bréacc Glas.
  • Shadow: Name change; Maerolorn. Replaced Necrophage with Relict Tag.
  • Frightener: Added Agent Tag. Replaced Doomed Tag with a new Single-Use keyword in ability section.
  • Lamia: Replaced its art with a recolored version of the same illustration.


  • Hym: Power changed from 4 to 3.

In general, we want to tone down the power on a number of cards with the Create ability. Hym, one of the most popular Skellige cards with this particular ability, is among the cards we were looking into. As is the case with Shani, while 1 point may not initially seem like a huge deal in terms of numbers, we believe its current power-to-ability ratio will overall prove beneficial to the game’s meta.

  • Restore: Will add a Doomed Tag to the unit it Resurrects.

Restore and Sigrdrifa are currently played in every Skellige deck. This is not only unhealthy for the game and deck variety, but also indicates these cards were in fact too strong.

  • Yoana: Now also able to target Golds. Won't force a Heal on an enemy if there is no wounded ally available. Renamed a Tag; Tordarroch to Clan Tordarroch.

Without wounded targets on our side of the board, Yoana was forcing players to heal enemies, which we consider an oversight. Additionally, restricting Yoana’s healing to Bronze and / or Silver units made her unable to interact with Olaf. Adjusting Yoana’s ability to include Gold cards made sense, since power-wise, the game already features many similar combos.

  • Arena Champion: Name change; Champion of Hov. Now able to duel any enemy (previously only a higher one).

We feel that Arena Champion’s previous ability was limiting the card’s full potential and did not give him many options in terms of potential targets. The updated ability presents players with a more varied choice of targets when Arena Champion is played, ultimately making the card more versatile and a solid deck addition.

  • Bone Talisman: Won't boost a Resurrected unit anymore. Adjusted the tooltip due to a Tag rename; Svalblod to Cultist.

As an item, Bone Talisman can be easily tutored by Clan Protectors, and as such can generate a lot of power for a Bronze card. Prior to the update, this card could generate a solid 15 points with the following combo: Clan Protector (2) -> Talisman (+2) -> Bear (11) = 15 points Bronze. This is why the boost effect has been removed from Bone Talisman’s ability.

  • Berserker Marauder: Ability won't trigger twice if a unit is both cursed and wounded. Renamed a Tag; Svalblod to Cultist.

We felt that this card’s ability triggering twice made it slightly too powerful, hence the adjustment to how it works. This change will not affect many decks (like those running Bears, which do not wound themselves).

  • Clan Veteran: Name change; Tuirseach Veteran. Renamed a Tag; Tuirseach to Clan Tuirseach. Reverted the category change from PTR (Soldier -> Support).

The initial change was meant to be a buff to decks running Clan Veterans and Eist. However, on the PTR we saw that should the Soldier category remain on the Veterans, this archetype would instantly become overpowered. We could’ve done things differently, but we'd rather regroup on this particular change and come back to it in a future update.

  • Eist: Name change; Eist Tuirseach. Power changed from 4 to 5. Renamed a Tag; Tuirseach to Clan Tuirseach.
  • Clan Greatsword: Name change; An Craite Greatsword. Power changed from 7 to 8. Renamed a Tag; An Craite to Clan an Craite.
  • Flaminica: Name change; Heymaey Flaminica. Power changed from 9 to 10. Renamed a Tag; Heymaey to Clan Heymaey.
  • Skald: Name change; Heymaey Skald. Power changed from 8 to 9. Renamed a Tag; Heymaey to Clan Heymaey.
  • Bran: Name change; Bran Tuirseach. Renamed a Tag; Tuirseach to Clan Tuirseach.
  • Crach: Name change; Crach an Craite. Renamed a Tag; An Craite to Clan an Craite.
  • Cerys: Name change; Cerys an Craite. Renamed a Tag; An Craite to Clan an Craite.
  • Hjalmar: Name change; Hjalmar an Craite (was Hjalmar). Renamed a Tag; An Craite to Clan an Craite.
  • Birna Bran: Renamed a Tag; Tuirseach to Clan Tuirseach.
  • Ermion: Renamed a Tag; An Craite to Clan an Craite.
  • Vabjorn: Renamed a Tag; Svalblod to Cultist.
  • Skjall: Renamed a Tag; Heymaey to Clan Heymaey.
  • Derran: Renamed a Tag; Tuirseach to Clan Tuirseach.
  • Donar: Name change; Donar an Hindar. Renamed a Tag; Heymaey to Clan Heymaey.
  • Svanrige: Name change; Svanrige Tuirseach. Renamed a Tag; Tuirseach to Clan Tuirseach.
  • Udalryk: Added Agent Tag. Replaced Doomed Tag with a new Single-Use keyword in ability section. Renamed a Tag; Brokvar to Clan Brokvar.
  • Pirate Captain: Name change; Dimun Pirate Captain. Renamed a Tag; Dimun to Clan Dimun.
  • Clan Beastmaster: Name change; Tuirseach Bearmaster. Renamed a Tag; Tuirseach to Clan Tuirseach.
  • Clan Protector: Name change; Heymaey Protector. Renamed a Tag; Heymaey to Clan Heymaey.
  • Battle Maiden: Name change; Heymaey Spearmaiden. Renamed a Tag; Heymaey to Clan Heymaey.
  • Shieldmaiden: Name change; Drummond Shieldmaid. Renamed a Tag; Drummond to Clan Drummond.
  • Herbalist: Name change; Heymaey Herbalist. Renamed a Tag; Heymaey to Clan Heymaey.
  • Clan Corsair: Name change; Dimun Corsair. Renamed a Tag; Dimun to Clan Dimun.
  • Queensguard: Name change; Drummond Queensguard. Renamed a Tag; Drummond to Clan Drummond.
  • Clan Raider: Name change; An Craite Raider. Renamed a Tag; An Craite to Clan an Craite.
  • Clan Warcrier: Name change; An Craite Warcrier. Renamed a Tag; An Craite to Clan an Craite.
  • Clan Hunter: Name change; Tuirseach Hunter. Renamed a Tag; Tuirseach to Clan Tuirseach.
  • Clan Axeman: Name change; Tuirseach Axeman. Renamed a Tag; Tuirseach to Clan Tuirseach.
  • Light Longship: Name change; Dimun Light Longship. Renamed a Tag; Dimun to Clan Dimun.
  • War Longship: Name change; An Craite Longship. Renamed a Tag; An Craite to Clan an Craite.
  • Clan Armorsmith: Name change; An Craite Armorsmith. Renamed a Tag; An Craite to Clan an Craite.
  • Warship: Name change; Dimun Warship. Renamed a Tag; Dimun to Clan Dimun.
  • Clan Marauder: Name change; An Craite Marauder. Renamed a Tag; An Craite to Clan an Craite.
  • Raging Berserker: Renamed a Tag; Svalblod to Cultist.
  • Clan Skirmisher: Name change; Tuirseach Skirmisher. Renamed a Tag; Tuirseach to Clan Tuirseach.
  • Clan Archer: Name change; Tuirseach Archer. Renamed a Tag; Tuirseach to Clan Tuirseach.
  • Clan Warmonger: Name change; Drummond Warmonger. Renamed a Tag; Drummond to Clan Drummond.
  • Whale Harpooner: Name change; An Craite Whaler. Renamed a Tag; An Craite to Clan an Craite.
  • Clan Shieldsmith: Name change; An Craite Blacksmith. Renamed a Tag; An Craite to Clan an Craite.
  • Clan Smuggler: Name change; Dimun Smuggler. Renamed a Tag; Dimun to Clan Dimun.
  • Clan Pirate: Name change; Dimun Pirate. Renamed a Tag; Dimun to Clan Dimun.
  • Clan Warrior: Name change; An Craite Warrior. Renamed a Tag; An Craite to Clan an Craite.

Northern Realms

  • Shani: Power changed from 5 to 4.

Shani has been the number one Northern Realms Gold. In fact, in some instances her ability and power actually provided too much value and for that reason we decided to decrease her power by 1 point. While it maybe not look like a huge change, we believe it’s one that will go a long way to balance out the card.

  • Kaedweni Revenant: Removed Doomed Tag from base unit. Only created copies are Doomed.

Similarly to Slave Infantry and Half-Elf Hunter, our initial design entailed that all spawned unit copies would automatically be Doomed. This change introduces that original design to the Kaedweni Revenant. At the same time, the base Kaedweni Revenant is no longer Doomed, opening the card up to many possible interaction (being resurrected by Sabrina’s Specter or getting shuffled back in the deck with Nenneke).

  • Seltkirk: Name change; Seltkirk of Gulet. Power changed from 7 to 8.
  • Vincent: Name change; Vincent Meis. Power changed from 8 to 9.
  • Ves' power changed from 11 to 12.
  • Henselt: Name change; King Henselt.
  • Foltest: Name change; King Foltest.
  • Radovid: Name change; King Radovid V.
  • Adda: Name change; Princess Adda.
  • Philippa: Name change; Philippa Eilhart.
  • Dijkstra: Name change; Sigismund Dijkstra. Removed Agent Tag.
  • Reinforcement: Name change; Reinforcements. Improved Premium version.
  • Sabrina: Name change; Sabrina Glevissig.
  • Stennis: Name change; Prince Stennis.
  • Pavetta: Name change; Princess Pavetta.
  • Síle: Name change; Síle de Tansarville.
  • Margarita: Name change; Margarita of Aretuza.
  • Ronvid: Name change; Ronvid the Incessant.
  • Thaler: Replaced Doomed Tag with a new Single-Use keyword in ability section.
  • Aspirant: Name change; Redanian Knight-Elect.


  • Aglaïs: Power changed from 9 to 8. Will Banish the Resurrected card.

Due to near always having a target in the form of Runestones and Commander’s Horn, Aglais is a popular addition to most Scoia'tael decks. When the number of possible targets was smaller, it made sense for her to be a 9 power card. However, after reevaluating Aglais now, we decided to adjust her power to 8, as well as make the card she resurrects become Banished, so it cannot be used with Eithne.

At the moment, Iorveth: Meditation is a very powerful card considered a must-have in any Scoia'tael deck. We didn’t want to change the card’s ability because of how unique it is, but decided it should be limited to units on the same row. Having it this way adds more setup and counterplay possibilities to interactions involving this card.

  • Pavko Gale: The Item played will no longer be random.

Pavko’s ability had limited usability and in general wasn’t as good as some of its counterparts in other factions — for example, Clan Protector in Skellige. To provide Pavko with a buff, we changed the way his ability works, allowing players to choose which Bronze or Silver item from their deck they would like to play.

The bread and butter of any dwarf deck, Dwarven Skirmishers needed to changed. They could previously be resurrected by Paulie Dahlberg for a huge power swing in Round 3. Following the update, Dwarven Skirmishers’ ability utilizes Boost instead of Strengthen, thus remaining a viable addition throughout dwarf decks, while becoming a more balanced entity within the meta.

Dwarven Agitator was able to provide a huge tempo play when paired up with Dwarven Skirmishers and Mahakam Guards. We decided to reduce some of that tempo from dwarves by decreasing the Dwarven Agitator’s power by 1 point.

  • Mahakam Guard: Power changed from 9 to 4. Will Boost by 7 (instead of 3).

These guys are very powerful and a core addition within many strong dwarven builds. There was a possibility that following the change to Dwarven Skirmishers, Mahakam Guards would become too powerful and overused throughout the meta. Shifting some of the card’s own power into its boost ability balances it out.

One of the most popular Scoia’tael Bronze cards. As was the case with Dwarven Agitators, we’ve decided to adjust this card’s power to balance the overall tempo certain Scoia’tael decks were able to generate.

Just as with Slave Infantry, we chose to make all copies spawned by the Half-Elf Hunter card Doomed, as was originally intended in the design for unit copies. This prevents extensive copy chains from occuring, as well as Graveyards becoming overcrowded with copies.

  • Iorveth's power changed from 7 to 6. Damage value changed from 7 to 8.
  • Yarpen: Name change; Yarpen Zigrin. Power changed from 7 to 8.
  • Morenn's power changed from 9 to 8. Damage value changed from 5 to 7.
  • Brouver: Name change; Brouver Hoog.
  • Isengrim: Name change; Isengrim Faoiltiarna.
  • Zoltan: Name change; Zoltan Chivay.
  • Hattori: Name change; Éibhear Hattori.
  • Ida Emean: Name change; Ida Emean aep Sivney.
  • Ciaran: Name change; Ciaran aep Easnillen.
  • Yaevinn: Replaced Doomed Tag with a new Single-Use keyword in ability section.


  • Treason: Ability rework; Force 2 adjacent enemies to duel each other.

The cards old ability caused it to not see much play. Since the majority of players enjoy the Duel mechanic, we thought that changing Treason’s ability will add more flavor and versatility if it forced two units next to each other to battle it out.

  • Slave Driver: Power changed from 2 to 1. The card’s ability no longer guarantees a choice between 3 unique cards.

Slave Drivers were one of the strongest Bronze cards in the game. The reason for this was the way this card’s ability worked. Even if an opponent was running multiple copies of the same card, upon playing Slave Driver you would be guaranteed a choice of 3 unique cards from the opponent’s starting deck. Following the update this is no longer be the case — if an opponent is running 3 copies of a specific Bronze card, Slave Driver can potentially present players with a choice between multiple copies of the same card.

Originally, all unit copies were meant to be Doomed by design. Making Slave Infantry’s spawning mechanic work according to this principle keeps cards like Ointment from resurrecting Slave Infantry copies, as well as prevents the Graveyard from becoming overcrowded with copies.

  • Ointment : No longer a choice based ability; lost its Heal and Boost ability option.

When changing this card, we were thinking about alchemy Nilfgaard. Making the ability a single-option one makes the card a bit less powerful, whereas previously it was an auto-include due to its boost. Another thing is versatility; giving two powerful options for a Bronze is too much in this case.

  • Impera Enforcers: Now deal 2 damage to an enemy when played and deal 2 damage to an enemy whenever a Spying enemy appears during your turn. Previously dealt 2 for each Spying enemy.

Retroactive damaging was something that made Impera Enforcers too powerful. Previously, every spying unit which was already on the board would count towards the damage. Now Enforcers have to be deployed before spies.

  • Emhyr: Name change; Emhyr var Emreis.
  • Voorhis: Name change; Morvran Voorhis.
  • Letho: Name change; Letho of Gulet. Removed Agent Tag.
  • Cahir: Name change; Cahir Dyffryn.
  • Rainfarn: Name change; Rainfarn of Attre.
  • Tibor: Name change; Tibor Eggebracht.
  • Vattier: Name change; Vattier de Rideaux.
  • The Empress: Name change; False Ciri. Removed Agent Tag.
  • Assire: Name change; Assire var Anahid.
  • Cantarella: Replaced Doomed Tag with a new Single-Use keyword in ability section.

New features

  • Players will be now able to abandon and reroll one of their Daily Quests!
  • Celebrate the Chinese New Year with the Lunar New Year Bundle!
  • The cards will show their tags in Keg opening.

Game Fixes

  • Yennefer: Conjurer will now be able to deal damage to Immune units.
  • Ciri: Dash will not be returned to the deck at the end of the round if it has Resilience.
  • Incinerating Trap won't trigger Impera Brigades on the other side of the board.
  • Vabjorn will now only target enemies.
  • Fixed an issue with Farseer getting boosted after being unlocked.
  • Fixed an issue whereby Doppler could Create non-Monster Units when using Arachas Queen as your Leader.
  • Francesca Findabair's ability will now trigger Farseers on board.
  • Fixed the issue whereby the unit destroyed by Vilgefortz could not be Resurrected with Ointment drawn by Vilgefortz.
  • Fixed the issue with Vernon Roche using wrong VFX.
  • Werewolf now has a counter of 1 and correctly refreshes when leaving the board.
  • Lord of Undvik will now be played on the opponents's side of the board after being replayed with Decoy.
  • Added Spying to Lord of Undvik.
  • Letho of Gulet can now target Ambush units.
  • Crushing Trap will no longer damage Ambush units.
  • Odrin is now damaged by Hazards normally.
  • Fixed the issue whereby Panther could target Immune units.
  • Fixed the issue whereby Milaen could damage Ambush units.
  • Fixed the issue whereby the cursor highlight would remain in the graveyard.
  • Fixed the issue whereby Daily Quests were not cleared properly.
  • Fixed the issue whereby Panther could target Ambush units.
  • Fixed the issue whereby Nivellen could move Ambush units.
  • Fixed the issue whereby round pass input carried over to the next round, leading to an auto-pass.
  • Fixed the issue whereby viewing Dagon's preview prevented players' further actions.
  • Fixed the issue whereby there was missing art for Ambush cards in the match history.
  • Fixed an issue concerning muting opponent's taunts.
  • Fixed the issue whereby pass input was not lost when dragging the cursor outside of the coin.
  • Fixed the issue whereby Aguara caused an error after making only one choice.
  • Fixed some issues with Hjalmar an Craite's power not being updated properly after boosts from Lord of Undvik.
  • Fixed the issue with Wilmar's Spying status.
  • Fixed the issue whereby Werewolf was not boosted by Full Moon after being Resurrected from the opponent's graveyard with Caretaker.
  • Fixed the issue whereby Damned Sorceress's ability did not trigger after being played as the ninth unit on the row.
  • Fixed the issue whereby Ciri: Nova's power did not display properly.
  • Fixed the issue whereby a Nekker's Deathwish triggered only after Arachas Queen's entire ability resolved.
  • Fixed the issue whereby Incinerating Trap was not cleared from the board after triggering on an empty row.
  • Fixed the issue whereby cards in other players' profiles did not display properly if you do not own them.
  • Fixed the issue whereby cursor could stick on the first card in player's hand after Isengrim: Outlaw's choice window opened.
  • Fixed the issue whereby input could be lost when accepting a Friend Match invite while opening a keg.
  • Fixed the issue whereby a unit would not be scorched by Villentretenmerth if it was simultaneously moved by Miruna.
  • Fixed the issue whereby Commander's Horn would include the empty space of a unit destroyed by Vilgefortz in its count of 5 units.
  • Fixed the issue whereby forfeited games did not count toward Daily Quest completion.
  • Fixed the issue whereby Emhyr var Emreis' return card ability would be canceled when playing a unit with a targeting ability and clicking the right mouse button.
  • Fixed the issue whereby Blood Moon would deal damage twice to units that Resurrect upon being destroyed/discarded.
  • Fixed the issue whereby Barbegazi would not gain Resilience.
  • Fixed the issue whereby game sounds would be triggered by using the mouse after alt-tabbing out of the game window.
  • Fixed the issue whereby the Skellige emblem would always appear in deck selection after saving any deck.
  • Fixed the issue whereby Impera Enforcers' ability would not trigger after following certain steps.
  • Numerous tooltip fixes and improvements.
  • Added sound effect to Arachas Queen.