Alba Armored Cavalry

  • Alba!
  • E'er y gloir! (Honor and glory!)
  • Tuvean y gloir! (Death and glory!)

Alba Pikeman

  • Esse'lath sei’fyll! (Loose formation!)
  • Hael Ker'zaer! (Long live the Emperor!)
  • Yes?

Alba Spearman

  • Mashed potatoes with thick gravy.
  • No passage!
  • What is it now?


  • I live to serve.
  • My powers are yours to command.
  • Utter your wish and I shall make it so.


  • Greetings! What is it?
  • If anyone asks, you’ve not seen me.
  • There’s been a mistake: I’m no mage.


  • Bu'rac. (Bumpkin.)
  • Hael Ker’zaer! (Long live the Emperor!)
  • N'ees tedd a thu. (I have no time for you.)

Anna Henrietta

  • Impertinence is the one thing I cannot abide.
  • Speak your mind. To the point!
  • You have our undivided attention.

Ardal aep Dahy

  • I deserve better.
  • I'll reduce your pathetic Realms to embers.
  • Resistance shall not be tolerated.
  • The North must be destroyed.
  • You've no chance. Do you not see that?

Artorius Vigo

  • The senses can be fooled, easily.
  • What is truth if not an illusion?
  • You will not regret this, good sir.


  • As good as dead, that lot.
  • I never miss.
  • Target acquired.

Assire var Anahid

  • If magic dies, this world dies with it.
  • I shall do as you command.
  • Yes? What is it?


  • Sometimes I’ve had about enough.
  • There is no escape.
  • Who is to die?

Cahir Dyffryn

  • As you wish.
  • I am no nilfgaardian!
  • I shall do what I must.

Cahir Dyffryn (Initial VO.)

  • As you wish.
  • I am no nilfgaardian!
  • I shall do what I must.


  • I shall be your eyes, my lord.
  • Let us see.
  • No one can hide from me.

Ceallach Dyffryn

  • Cahir… my son.
  • My son has… erred…
  • Your Majesty, I cast myself upon thy mercy.

Combat Engineer

  • Aen iarean nyald aep kroofeir. (Like searching for a needle in a haystack.)
  • Barbarians.
  • I warned you!


  • For the Emperor!
  • I like to improvise.
  • I’m impressed.

Daerlan Soldier

  • Off to the front yet again…
  • Quiet or the commissar will hear.
  • Rach, sheyss! Yn, twe! (Move, dammit! One-two!)

Damien de la Tour

  • For the duquessa!
  • I'll defend the duquessa to my dying breath.
  • Toussaint is my ward, under my protection.
  • Vigilance is a virtue.
  • We need no help from outsiders.

Deithwen Arbalest

  • Orde! (Yes, sir!)
  • Your life is mine now!
  • Wise choice.

Ducal Guard

  • For the duquessa!
  • Toussaint!
  • Yes, sir! As ordered!

Duchess's Informant

  • Hmm… look who we have here.
  • You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.

Emhyr var Emreis

  • Patience is not a virtue I am known to have.
  • The North shall tuck tail and beg for mercy.
  • There is but one punishment for traitors.


  • A shame I have no time.
  • Please wait, Your Excellency, I’m falling behind!
  • Your humble servant.


  • Demavend hasn't a clue what he is doing!
  • I've no intention of dying on a fool's errand!
  • Nilfgaard cannot be defeated…
  • Only a fool tries to reroute the Pontar with a stick!
  • The King leads us to our doom!

False Ciri

  • Bow before Nilfgaard’s rightful Empress!
  • The good of the Empire - that is what matters.
  • We all make sacrifices - the Empire our cause.

Fangs of the Empire

  • Arsenic or nightshade? Hm…
  • Drinking can be hazardous to your health, heheh.
  • Feeling a bit peckish?

Fringilla Vigo

  • Of course, my Lord.
  • The good of magic is the greatest good.
  • Wield my magic as if it were your own.

Henry var Attre

  • Edna and Rosa - I must attend to their needs, their well-being.
  • The empire brings progress, advances civilization.
  • Thirteen years now I've served in Novigrad.

Impera Brigade

  • Discipline. That is what you folk lack.
  • E'er y glòir. (Honor and glory.)
  • Glòir aen Ker'zaer! (Glory to the Emperor!)

Impera Enforcers

  • Aen Ard Feain! (By the Great Sun!)
  • Neen ratreut! (Do not dare fall back!)
  • Nilfgaard!

Imperial Diviner

  • All these signs can mean but one thing.
  • I divined this move from a sparrow's innards.
  • The stars contend you shall be victorious today.


  • I always find a way in.
  • If not by strength, then by stealth.
  • No door is closed to me.

Isbel of Hagge

  • I'd hoped we could solve this some other way.
  • It's not too late to walk away.
  • Make love, not war.
  • So much anger and suffering, for what?
  • When will you ever learn?

Jan Calveit

  • I forgive you… this time.
  • I shall not repeat Emhyr’s mistakes.
  • Onward sons of Nilfgaard!

Joachim de Wett

  • Barbarians, all.
  • Enough! Let us finish this.
  • I shall flog them into submission.

Leo Bonhart

  • I don't work for free.
  • I'll do as you ask… this time.
  • Let's dance.

Letho of Gulet, Letho: Kingslayer

  • And I'll behave, I promise.
  • Goddamn fools.
  • I'm comin' for you.
  • Yeah. Improvise.

Magne Division

  • D'yaebl… (Devil…)
  • Hi-yah-yah-ha-ha-ha!
  • My boots – got sand aplenty in them…

Master of Disguise

  • A hundred faces, all yours to command.
  • Confounded boots, another blister...
  • I shall relieve them of all burdens.

Menagerie Keeper

  • Heel!
  • I prefer the company of beasts.
  • Sit! Stay!

Menno Coehoorn

  • A clever maneuver.
  • Nothing will stop us.
  • The empire will be victorious.

Milton de Peyrac-Peyran

  • A noble plan, indeed, I say.
  • By my honor, they will hang!
  • I pledge it upon the heron!

Morvran Voorhis

  • If it’s peace you desire, prepare for war.
  • My men know the meaning of sacrifice.
  • Not all battles need end in bloodshed.

Nauzicaa Brigade

  • Aecáemm aen me! (Follow me!)
  • Nilfgaard!
  • Tuvean y gloir! (Death and glory!)

Nauzicaa Sergeant

  • Aâ’anval neen orde! (Attack at will!)
  • Nauzicaa - charge!
  • Se'ege na tuvean! (Victory or death!)

Nilfgaardian Knight

  • Know this - all roads lead to Nilfgaard!
  • Order will triumph. It must triumph!
  • Praise be to the great sun!

Palmerin de Launfal

  • Gentlemen, onward, follow me!
  • In Beauclair tradition is sacred.
  • No point in dawdling!

Peter Saar Gwynleve

  • I strive above all to be just.
  • The common folk - I care for them.
  • The Nordlings’ hatred for us will never wane.

Rainfarn of Attre

  • Attre remembers.
  • Do not assume you can order me around.
  • For Vissegerd!


  • Hundred and fifty-two, hundred and fifty-four…
  • Hundred and one, hundred and two, hundred and three…
  • Must be an important lesson in this. But what…?
  • New orders? No…? Ah…
  • Scrubbing duty again? Oh, gods…

Roderick of Dun Tynne

  • Dun Tynne!
  • Kill the dog diddlers!
  • Out of the way, rabble!
  • Push on! No mercy!
  • What is it you want?


  • Beast or man - makes no difference to me.
  • They're dead already.
  • This can hurt.


  • An extraordinary plan.
  • As Your Imperial Majesty wishes.
  • Ugh, my lumbago is acting up.

Slave Driver

  • Back in line!
  • Fight for the emperor and you might be freed!
  • Move!
  • Obedience or the lash.
  • To work!

Slave Hunter

  • Catch him! He's worth twenty florens!
  • Oooh! This one's got spirit!
  • That will do.
  • Used to be I hunted game. Men bring more coin.
  • Zerrikania – source of the best goods.

Slave Infantry

  • A-aye, aye s-sir..
  • Don't… don't hit me.
  • Of… of course.
  • On y-y-your command.
  • S-sir?


  • Ahahahahaha!
  • Dyaebl aep arse... (Bugger the devil...)
  • Eeee, var'oom? (Uhhh… what?)

Standard Bearer

  • After me! Forward, march!
  • For the Great Sun!
  • Give it all you've got!
  • Make your emperor proud!
  • Victory is in our grasp!

Stefan Skellen

  • ACHOO! Ah, blast this cold.
  • The revolution is inevitable, merely a matter of time.
  • What do you need me to do?


  • Come on, Stalkers! We ride!
  • Hop to it, knaves!
  • Men are best kept on a short lead.

The Guardian, Lesser Guardian

  • Do golems dream of magic sheep?
  • Greet guests, foil intruders!
  • I exist, because master Dearhenna wills it so.

Tourney Joust (Jousting Champion, Unused)

  • Honor and glory!
  • I know, I know – I am fabulous.
  • The flower of chivalry, at your command!

Toussaint Knight-Errant

  • I swear on my lady's garter!
  • Let the evil-doers quake!
  • Verily?

Traheaern var Vdyffir

  • Bow barbarian, bow low.
  • Is there anyone here to whom I can intrust my missive?
  • Yes?
  • Your attention, please. I shall now speak.
  • You shall hear out what I have to say.

Tibor Eggebracht

  • Alba!
  • Give no quarter!
  • Long live the Emperor!


  • I shall make Nilfgaard great again!
  • My dynasty will reign for one thousand years and longer!
  • Too long have we tolerated weak, sniveling emperors.


  • Ester garemnyth.
  • Show me what you’ve got.
  • Your words mean nothing now.

Vattier de Rideaux

  • All is in place.
  • I knew you would ask for this.
  • Proceed according to plan.

Venendal Elite

  • Aen Ard Feain! (By the Great Sun!)
  • Gloir aen Ker'zaer! (Glory to the Emperor!)
  • Hael Ker'zaer! (Long live the Emperor!)

Vicovaro Medic

  • Aegroto dum anima est, spes est. (As long as there is life, there is hope.)
  • Mmm, a highly curious case.
  • My prescription: a bit of bloodletting.

Vicovaro Novice (formerly NR Ban Ard Adept)

  • Hah, that was not in the spell books!
  • Now, how did that incantation go?
  • Of course! As you wish, master!


  • Hm, an interesting choice.
  • Quite the menial task.
  • You mistake stars reflected in a pond for the night sky.

Viper Witcher

  • Here's our chance.
  • Time to get our hands dirty.
  • We follow Letho's lead.

Vivienne de Tabris

  • I know not if I should…
  • We all have secrets, of one kind or another.
  • Yes?


  • Stand your ground!
  • Victory or death!
  • We live and die for the emperor!


  • Mercy I will not grant you.. Never.
  • You are dogs and I shall treat you as such..
  • You deserve to die! All! And you will!
  • You will pay for this. You all will pay.


  • I never err in my predictions!
  • There will be rain - or frost, perhaps.
  • We shall see what the future holds.

Yennefer: Enchantress, Yennefer: Necromancer

  • There'll be nothing to pick up when I’m done with you!
  • You crossed the wrong sorceress!
  • You’d best yield now!

NRRR.pngNorthern Realms

Aedirnian Mauler (WIP)

  • Lookin' to dance, mate?
  • My favorite cut o' lamb? Th' shank.
  • Whatchu lookin' at?

Aretuza Adept

  • As you wish, m’lady.
  • Eh, doubt I'll ever pay off these school loans.
  • Oh, oh, lady Margarita told us o’this.

Ban Ard Tutor

  • I wrote the book on that spell. Literally!
  • Remember what I taught you!
  • Time for a practicum.

Black Rayla

  • Enough chit-chat, draw your weapon.
  • For Demavend!
  • I'll fight to my last breath.
  • Us or them! No other way.
  • You'll never take me alive.

Bloody Baron

  • Hahahaha! We’ve a hero in our midst!
  • I’ll gather my men.
  • I’ve nothing to lose.
  • Where’d I put the bloody vodka?

Blue Stripe Commando

  • Death to the enemy!
  • Nice mess you’ve got here.
  • Semper fi!

Blue Stripe Scout

  • Bloody non-humans!
  • Elves must die!
  • Regroup.

Cintrian Artificer

  • Let's make something, something beautiful! Together!
  • Magic can work wonders when used correctly.
  • My latest masterpiece! Behold it! Admire!
  • The good of Magic, that is what I serve first and foremost.
  • Oh? Well, that's… new.

Cintrian Enchantress

  • All missiles shall your armor deflect.
  • If only my pouch were to know no end of orens…
  • May your blade never dull, may your hand never waver.
  • Resistance to fire? Mere child's play.
  • Your arrows shall fly straight and ever strike your foes.

Cintrian Envoy (Unused)

  • And what is it I'm to convey to the queen?
  • I bear news of the utmost urgency.
  • I come on behalf of the queen.
  • My sovereign tolerates no insult.
  • Queen Calanthe, her words I carry.

Cintrian Knight

  • Cintra!
  • Follow me!
  • For the Queen!
  • Gentlemen! Mount up!
  • We ride! Into the fray!

Cintrian Royal Guard

  • None're to enter here.
  • Sound the alarm!
  • The queen holds no audiences this day.
  • To arms! Protect the Queen!
  • What brings you here?

Cintrian Spellweaver

  • As you command.
  • I am here to lend a helping hand.
  • Naturally, of course.
  • Yes?
  • Your wish, my duty.


  • Ahem… feeling a little hoarse today.
  • Awoooooooh!
  • Braaak-bak-bak-bak!
  • Meow! Meow!

Count Caldwell

  • A lesson in humility coming now.
  • Ehh.. if you insist.
  • Keep calm, Tiberius.
  • Time I taught you some respect!
  • What? Who dares?

Cursed Knight

  • Aedirn!
  • For the motherland!
  • Never bend! Never kneel!
  • Onward! Seltkirk leads the way!
  • We'll hold 'em off!

Damned Sorceress

  • As you wish.
  • End this battle already, I've more important things to do.
  • Hm? What is it?
  • Odd… feeling a bit of déjà vu.
  • Where is Sabrina…?


  • Asking me for help - now that’s smart.
  • Famous last words right there.
  • For you, my friend, always.
  • Got a bad feeling about this…
  • Rumors travel faster than the wind.
  • The quill is mightier than the sword.
  • With pleasure.


  • As you command, your Majesty.
  • Your will be done, sire.
  • Well then, let’s get to work.

Dun Banner

  • Alert! To arms!
  • Aye, aye, sir.
  • Finally.

Eyck of Denesle

  • A knight should help, our codex commands it.
  • Gods blast it.. my breast-plate chafes.
  • I fear not, for faith guides me.
  • Prepare to fight, if you've any honor.
  • The unworthy shall be punished.


  • For the Baron!
  • I shan't fail… I cannot fail.
  • The traitors will pay for what they did.

Field Medic

  • Tell me you jest.
  • What do you want of me?
  • You must sweat like a swine in that jacket.

Hubert Rejk

  • I shall teach them a lesson they will not forget.
  • Novigrad requires rejuvenation, a rebirth!
  • The city is ravaged by rot.

John Natalis

  • Dark clouds gather over Temeria.
  • Temeria has yet to speak its last.

Kaedweni Cavalry

  • For Kaedwen!
  • For the king!
  • I’m itchin' for that battle!

Kaedweni Knight

  • For king and honor!
  • Gee up, Horatio!
  • Scare and scatter the louts!

Kaedweni Revenant

  • At 'em, lads! Tomorrow we sup at home!
  • Fight! Maim! Kill!
  • For the king!
  • Kaedwen!
  • We retreat, we hang - so Vandergrift says!

Kaedweni Sergeant

  • Hahahahahahaha!
  • I’ve killed for less.
  • Stand and fight!

Keira Metz

  • And now, something special!
  • I don’t like men who turn me down.
  • I feel honored. Truly.
  • Nature stinks.

King Demavend III

  • The key is not to lose one's head.
  • War's crux lies in winning, not in being persistent.
  • You stand before His Royal Majesty.

King Foltest

  • Close ranks!
  • Crush those vermin!
  • Onward! Attack!

King Henselt

  • Men of Kaedwen! Attack!
  • You want peace? Fight for it.

King Radovid V

  • Checkmate
  • Do not test my patience.
  • I’ve had men killed for less.
  • It is how I punish those who irritate me.
  • To the dungeon with ‘im.

King Roegner

  • It has been spoken.
  • Let us begin!
  • My word is the law.
  • There's luck in leisure.
  • What is the matter?


  • Death is no end. I'll show you.
  • It seems you bleed.
  • Out… of… my head!
  • There is no good. Nor evil. Only pain.
  • There is so much you do not see.

Lyrian Arbalest

  • Arbalest at your command.
  • Armour won't save them!
  • Gimme a target.
  • Lyria!
  • One bolt's all I need..

Lyrian Blacksmith

  • A dram o' glue, a bit o' soldering, a rivet or two and he's good as new.
  • Hey, hey, don't toss that, it's perfectly usable.
  • Necessity. Invention's mum.
  • Somethin' from nothin' –– it's exactly what I do.
  • What's a helmet if not a pot turned over?

Lyrian Scytheman

  • Ah, should have listened to me old lady.
  • Aye..
  • My spirit's willing and how, but these damn boots are killing me.
  • There's a time to reap, a time to sow.. and a time to die..
  • This harvest, we'll be reaping black clad heads.

Lyrian Cavalry

  • For the Queen!
  • Gods save the Queen!
  • Hi-yah!
  • March on… March on…
  • To the last!

Lyrian Landsknecht

  • Back to the dust whence you came!
  • Every Riv's a a thief.
  • For Lyria!
  • Hee war, you dirty tart.
  • Long live Meve!

Margarita of Aretuza

  • I hope we can trust you.
  • I’ll gladly help. If I live to see it.
  • What can I do for you?

Meve: Bastard Sword, Meve: Rivian Broadsword, Meve: Warhammer

  • For Lyria and Rivia! For the North!
  • It's war you want? Then war you shall have!
  • Onward! To victory!
  • The morrow shall bring a better day.
  • We will never bow to the invader!


  • Are you wounded? Again?
  • Nasty wounds those, but you’ll live.]
  • Thank not me, thank Melitele.


  • Down, up... Yesssiiir!
  • I'm goin' where I'm goin'...
  • What, hm? Who are yooouuu...?

Poor F'ing Infantry

  • Can’t take it anymore.
  • Got any vittles? Hungry like a wolf I am.
  • You can try to win 'em all, but you won’t.

Prince Anséis

  • Come forth, coward, and your own doom confront!
  • En garde! A duel, to a duel I challenge thee!
  • For Lyria and Rivia!
  • Have you no honor?! Stand and fight!
  • I demand satisfaction! Now!

Prince Stennis

  • I’m not afraid.
  • Peace is priceless.
  • You stand before royal Majesty!

Princess Adda

  • Mmm… what is it I fancy today…?
  • You are here as a diversion, for my pleasure alone.
  • You bore me. So vanish.

Princess Pavetta

  • Duny!
  • I… can't…
  • No… No!
  • You must stop… please…


  • Are you certain? I’d do it differently.
  • Let’s show ‘em what real art is.
  • Not a bad idea.
  • Well, how about a game of gwent?

Queen Adalia

  • Destiny is unswerving, cheated it will not be.
  • My great-granddaughter will do great things.
  • Power is just a means to an end.
  • The impossible does not exist. To me, at any rate.
  • There are things in the universe of which even the Sages have not dreamt.

Queen Calanthe

  • Cintra's interests, where they lie - this alone matters.
  • Everything has its price. The question is, is it worth it.
  • Let us get to the point.
  • Listen carefully, for I shall not repeat myself.
  • We Cintrese greet every guest with arms widespread.

Reaver Hunter

  • Don’t recognize your old mates?
  • Let's go.
  • This is no time to whimper.

Reaver Scout

  • But we’re broke as shit peddlers.
  • I told you so, you idiot.
  • You one of us or not?

Redanian Elite

  • Long live the king!
  • Redania!
  • Troops, here now!

Redanian Knight

  • Best give up now!
  • For Radovid!
  • Long live etc. etc.

Redanian Knight-Elect

  • I… I'm honored!
  • I shan't disappoint my king!
  • Thank… thank you!

Reynard Odo

  • Company! Forward! March!
  • Discipline shall bring us victory!
  • Her Majesty is.. exceptional.
  • Her Majesty knows what she is doing!
  • We must trust each other!

Rivian Pikeman

  • For Rivia!
  • I'm coming. I'm coming.
  • Our's is not to reason why.
  • Pay's late. Again.
  • Ugh, Lyrian lummoxes.

Ronvid the Incessant

  • Blood alone can my maid's honor unbesmirch!
  • For Maid Bilberry's honor!
  • For this most beautiful of maidens, I shall fight a hundred duels!

Sabrina Glevissig, Sabrina's Specter

  • Battles are won or lost by the commanders, not by sorceresses.
  • I am ready.
  • Nadowessiveg.

Seltkirk of Gulet

  • Aedirn!
  • Stand and fight, cowards!
  • These dogs have no honor!


  • I’m a medic. I tend to know what I’m doing when I prescribe something.
  • It’s war. Severed limbs, blood and guts…
  • Sure! Be glad to.

Siege Master

  • I’m an officer and a gentleman!
  • I pass on every tenth round.

Siege Support

  • Salutations.
  • Uh oh, trouble approaches.
  • What do you want?

Sile de Tansarville

  • Hm… interesting.
  • I've no interest in politics.
  • My studies are more important than… this.

Temerian Drummer

  • Again and again and again…
  • Army's a waste o' time for one like me…
  • Left, right… Left, right…

Temerian Infantry

  • Come to pappy!
  • For Temeria!
  • I don’t wanna die!


  • Ah, I see you thought about this?
  • Ah! Mean they've not forgotten me? That's nice.
  • Who takes an interest in cobblers? No one.

Tormented Mage

  • Ahn'ka darad!
  • Burn! Die!
  • Down and away, dogs!
  • Keep close! My magic shall protect you!
  • Reduced to ash! There'll be nothing left to bury!

Tridam Infantry

  • Awaitin' yer orders.
  • To arms!
  • Tridam!


  • Nilfgaard scum must die die die!
  • Private Slate. Report on order.


  • Argh!
  • Halt! Don't retreat! Dammit!
  • No… no!
  • Scheming, treacherous witch!
  • What has that witch done?!

Vernon Roche, Roche: Merciless

  • Temeria - that’s what matters.
  • The North! Temeria!


  • Idle chatter - I'm not interested.
  • I’ll manage. Don’t you fret.
  • Lads, the time to discuss this is later.
  • Temeria!

Vincent Meis

  • Gotta go with your gut.
  • Might not like me, but you sure as shit need me.
  • Nasty business, that…


  • Cintra will rise from the ashes.
  • Follow me! For Cintra!
  • We'll find the princess - and win.
  • We'll never lay down our arms.
  • We shall avenge Calanthe.

Vysogota of Corvo

  • Another battle, another entry in the chronicles.
  • Critical thinking - the sign of a healthy mind.
  • Sometimes the price is too damn high.

Windhalm of Attre

  • Death to the invaders!
  • Down with Emhyr!
  • Rather die than bend a knee to the emperor.
  • Remember Cintra!
  • We shall never surrender!



  • I'm a dwarf o' business.
  • Nuff gob-flappin'!
  • Snitches get stitches!

Cyrus Hemmelfart

  • Infernal gout…
  • The Eternal Fire lights our way.
  • The Fire cleanses.

Caleb Menge

  • Freaks aren't welcome here.
  • Watch yourselves. You'll never be safe.
  • We will cleanse Novigrad. With fire.


  • Knowledge is a weapon of great power.
  • Per angusta ad augusta. (Through difficulties to greatness.)
  • The church welcomes all. All are free to convert.

Greater Brothers

  • Rargh!
  • Smash! Crush!
  • Yes.

Tamara Stenger

  • Eternal Fire, give me strength.
  • My mom needs my help.
  • Some things can't ever be forgiven.


  • An austere life is a virtuous life.
  • Believe I heard more coin clinking about in that pouch of yours.
  • Gold chain's brightest in the presence of fire.
  • Greater donations beget greater blessings.
  • The fire cannot burn without the proper fuel.


  • As you command.
  • I live to serve you.
  • Naturally. At once.
  • Without hesitation.
  • Yes?

Keeper of the Flame

  • Cleanse our souls!
  • Deliver us from evil!
  • Grant us strength!
  • Light our path!
  • Scorch our foes!

King of Beggars

  • Not one escapes! Got it?
  • So, how are things?
  • The semblance of power don't interest me.
  • Who do I spy?

Eternal Fire Disciple

  • Abandon your false gods!
  • Cast off decadence! Renounce sin!
  • Cast out the godless non-humans!
  • Drive off the mages and their foul magickry!
  • The Eternal Fire guides, the Eternal Fire protects!

Eternal Fire Inquisitor

  • Nobody expects the Novigradish Inquisition!
  • The tongue can conceal the truth, the eyes, never.
  • This positively reeks of heresy.

Eternal Fire Priest

  • Idle hands are evil's playthings.
  • O blessed light so fine, you shall forever shine!
  • We place our trust in you, Eternal Flame.

Fisstech Trafficker

  • My fisstech's pure as tears – purest in all Novigrad.
  • Nose, mouth – any hole will do.
  • Pleasure doin' business with you.
  • Premium grate, won't find any better.
  • Same time next week?

Philippa Eilhart

  • Cynne'lle, Hen Ichaer.
  • I’ll never be imprisoned again!
  • I've no mercy for your kind.
  • Power – the object of dark desire.
  • You do not deserve to live!
  • You'll suffer the consequences of your foolishness.

Procession of Penance

  • Come, brothers! We've naught to fear!
  • Harder! Harder!
  • Lebioda suffered just as we suffer!
  • The Fire cleanses all wounds!
  • We are all equals in pain!

Renegade Mage

  • Make way. Move it!
  • The docks! The docks! Which way to the docks?
  • What? Out of breath already?
  • We too can play with fire.
  • You miss one bloody letter on portals and it's your life.

Sea Jackal

Sigi Reuven

  • I’m all ears.
  • Lots of prior experience - worked with idiots me whole life.
  • My lads'll make sure of that.
  • See me smilin’? I’m dead serious.


  • Better luck next time, pal.
  • Nimble fingers and a warm smile - that's all it takes.
  • That's your move? Interestin'.
  • Third time's a charm, whaddaya say?
  • Up for a game? No experience required!


  • Another month's coin gone in an instant.
  • As a girl I always dreamed of having drapes like these.
  • Do you have a loyalty discount by chance?
  • Oh, that stitching… Zerrikanian, is it?
  • What do you think, dearest? It matches your eyes.

Whoreson Junior

  • Heheheh…
  • Heheh. Slow, ain't ya?
  • Well, we've nattered enough.

Witch Hunter

  • High time the North was cleansed.
  • Magic sows chaos.
  • Our pyres will light up the North!

Witch Hunter Executioner

  • A job's a job.
  • Evil's not goin' anywhere.
  • Oak – makes for the best pyres.



  • Humans to the sea!
  • We shall drive the ape-men into the sea!
  • We will take back what was stolen!


  • Drink this, you’ll feel better.
  • Lie still, you've not yet recovered.
  • You’ll be fine.

Barclay Els

  • Ah, I've gotta get this stinkin' mess in order.
  • Get the move on lads, look alive!
  • Mahakam!

Barnabas Beckenbauer

  • *Burp* Uh, sorry, turnip's back for an encore!
  • Feel any burning? See a local healer or wise woman.
  • Hmm… Eh… What? Oh, yes, yes I'm on it.
  • Hmm? Not supposed to be any smoke?
  • I think you'll really like this one!

Blue Mountain Elite

  • Dance of death! Ha-Ha!
  • Death awaits us all.
  • I’ll feed you to the crows!


  • Brokilon!
  • For Eithné!
  • There, now let them dangle awhile.

Brokilon Sentinel

  • Now, quickly!
  • Shhhhhhhhhh…
  • They cannot see us.

Brouver Hoog

  • Mahakam wasn’t built in a day.
  • Nothin’ like a dwarf to get ye outta tight spot.
  • We’ve havered enough! Let’s get tae work!

Ciaran aep Easnillen

  • An ill wind blows...
  • Humans are not to be trusted.
  • Iorveth will guide us.

Dana Méadbh

  • Ainmaehí aen coinblea't. (Rabid beasts.)
  • Caudaíonn caonac'h sae'n sithe. (Moss shall cover your homes.)
  • Fásaidh foraisí aerís. (Forests shall cover the world once more.)
  • Glac'c tú an'eomargha! (You took too much!)
  • Ní meór an'tiarmé aetrú. (Balance must be restored.)

Dennis Cranmer

  • Ach, I cannae be arsed.
  • Er, maybe an axe to the heid while I'm at it?
  • I've never run from no one and I'm not about to start.

Dol Blathanna Archer

  • I never miss.
  • Que spar enn’le!
  • They can hide, but there is no escape.

Dol Blathanna Archer (Original VO)

  • Aelirenn!
  • Iorveth!
  • Nae, dh'oine ve'caeme est.

Dol Blathanna Bomber

  • Iorveth!
  • Iorveth will avenge us, dh’oine!
  • Look what the werecat dragged in.

Dol Blathanna Bowman

  • Dol Blathanna!
  • Enid an Gleanna! (Daisy of the Valley!)
  • You’re dead already.

Dol Blathanna Sentry

  • Cáemm! (Come!)
  • Ceádmil, Aen Seidhe. (Greetings, Aen Seidhe)
  • Dol Blathanna!

Dryad Fledgling

  • No! Let the doe live!
  • Trees feel pain just as we do…

Dryad Grovekeeper

  • Heeheehee.
  • Not to worry, the wood will make good use of your corpse.
  • Ooh, careful… you're leaking.
  • Rejoin the cycle, the circle of life!

Dryad Matron

  • Careful! The moss! Don't trample it!
  • Hey! Watch your step!
  • Humans, no species more horrid.

Dryad Ranger

  • Leave. While you still stand.
  • One arrow. That is all I need.
  • Your next move shall be your last.

Dwarven Agitator

  • Coexistence? My arse!
  • Our brothers in the valleys need us!
  • Wake up, dwarves! Humans lust after our lady-folk!
  • We'll pay men back for their persecution!
  • We've lived in isolation for too bloody long!

Dwarven Mercenary

  • Argh. No use tirin' me tongue about that.
  • Know if anyone’s got any hootch left?
  • Now we must stick together.

Dwarven Skirmisher

  • Elven blarney.
  • Ever had your knee-caps broken?
  • Scoia’tael! Attack!

Éibhear Hattori

  • A sword to outshine all others!
  • Don't leave me here!
  • The customer is king.


  • Humans have no place in Brokilon.
  • I respect nothing human.
  • There will be no negotiation.


  • Allow me to play you an elven folk tune.
  • I've no patience for humans.
  • Step carefully, you're in my forest now.
  • These trees will be your grave stones.
  • What are you doing in my wood?


  • Clearly, I've a weakness for horned wenches…
  • I do what I must.
  • Love is war…

Elven Mercenary

  • A storm is coming. Let’s enjoy the weather while we still can.
  • Everything all right?
  • Have strength, my love.

Elven Scout

  • A'báeth me aep arse. (Kiss my ass.)
  • Glaeddyvan vort! (Drop your weapons!)
  • Only death here for d'hoine.
  • You shall taste of your own medicine.
  • You should not have come here.

Elven Swordmaster

  • Let us sing the song of steel!
  • May your sword and arm be one.
  • Swords I smile at, weapons laugh to scorn.


  • I foresee victory for you.
  • Not afraid? You should be.
  • This moment – I've seen it already.


  • Lady Eithné won't let us talk to strangers…
  • Tee-hee-hee-hee.
  • Wind whistles, willows whip…


  • Enid an Gleanna!
  • Keep a stiff neck.
  • Pride is all we've left.

Forest Whisperer

  • Daisies, stand tall. Dead dh'oine push you high.
  • The wilds shall reclaim your fields.
  • The wood shall turn against you.

Francesca Findabair

  • My folk have suffered much.
  • Squaess'me, evellienn. (Forgive me, all.)
  • We do what must be done.

Gabor Zigrin

  • All right, that's nae problem.
  • For you, pal? Anythin'!
  • Have 'er done in a jiffy!
  • Oh… could murder a pint.
  • You sure about that?

Half-Elf Hunter

  • Argh.
  • Eh?
  • Right, fine.
  • You annoy me.
  • What?

Hawker Healer

  • Oh Melitele.
  • Oh, my!
  • We oughta help one or t' other.

Hawker Smuggler

  • Got business for me?
  • Show me the coin or sod off.
  • Special price, just for you, love!

Hawker Support

  • Fine! If my coin’s rank to ye, go kiss a dog ‘neath its tail.
  • Oi! Hey there! Come ‘ere!
  • You’ll regret your mom ever squirted you out!

Hawker Support (Original VO)

  • That’s it.
  • Throat's parched, bone-dry.
  • You only die once!

Ida Emean aep Sivney

  • The time of the White Frost and White Light is nigh.
  • Why have you summoned me?

Iorveth, Iorveth: Meditation

  • Enough of this farce! Vedrai! Enn’le! (You will see! Attack him!)
  • I am who I need to be.
  • Piece of lembas.
  • Spar’le! (Shoot him!)

Isengrim Faoiltiarna, Isengrim: Outlaw

  • No mercy!
  • The only good human is a dead human.
  • Vrihedd, spar’le! (For freedom! Shoot them!)

Ithlinne Aegli

  • Nigh is the time of the Sword and Axe.
  • Nigh is the time of the White Frost and White Light.
  • When the White Frost comes, do not eat the yellow snow.

Mahakam Defender

  • Duvvel hoael! (Devil take it!)
  • Mahakam!
  • Wanna whiff of me axe?

Mahakam Guard

  • Everything all right?
  • For Mahakam!
  • Water is a poison.

Mahakam Marauder

  • Got a hearty hankerin' for Gwent.
  • Heigh-ho, heigh-ho…
  • Right, c'mon, who's first?

Mahakam Volunteers

  • Can Dwarves fight? Hah, do fish piss in lakes?
  • Hahha, leave it to us.
  • Heigh-ho, heigh-ho…
  • We'll put Mahakam boots to Imperial arses.
  • We're the best regiment in the whole ploughing North.


  • I hate you! Curse you, dh’oine!
  • Spar’le! (Attack!)
  • We elves have our paths. Don’t worry about me.


  • Follow me this way.
  • Some things cannot be forgiven.
  • Yes, dh'oine?


  • Don’t you fret about me. Can take care o' meself.
  • I’ll get it done.
  • I trust no one. Never 'ave.

Morenn, Morenn: Forest Child

  • Manticore venom should do the trick.
  • Mother will be proud.
  • They’ll not leave here alive.

Pavko Gale (WIP)

  • Bigger they are, easier they're to target.
  • Ehh?
  • I've hit the white of an eye from half a league away.


  • A wee hint dinnae jiggle this.
  • Hmm… huvnae seen a fuse lyin' aboot, hae you?
  • Uh-oh…


  • Hen Ichaer… Tedd Deireadh is nigh. (Elder Blood... The Final Age is nigh.)
  • Hmm… I must reexamine the manuscripts.
  • Yes. That would fit perfectly.


  • Hold the lines!
  • I kneel before no one.
  • Let’s hurry.
  • We’ll win.


  • Oh… How lovely it burns.
  • What do you want?
  • Who am I to kill?

Sheldon Skaggs

  • Aye, aye, soon as I finish my pint.
  • Melitele's melons, ye're one dense dunderheid!
  • Right, right…


  • All males are your foe!
  • Sisters! Follow me!
  • Spar'le, sor'ca!


  • I like the way you die, human.
  • Bloede dh’oine. (Bloody humans.)
  • Waste of arrows, that lot.

Vrihedd Brigade

  • Death to all dh’oine!
  • Dh’oine!
  • This is elven land, dh’oine, upon which your kind dies.

Vrihedd Dragoon

  • Onward, Vrihedd!
  • Peace with humans? A'baeth arse. (Kiss my ass.)
  • Slaughter them, to a man!

Vrihedd Neophyte

  • I shall not fail!
  • None shall tread on us!
  • Now we will see who is weak!

Vrihedd Officer

  • Bloede nekhains. Semilien vart.
  • Vrihedd!

Vrihedd Sappers

  • Blue Mountains!
  • For Iorveth!
  • I’m so tired.

Vrihedd Vanguard

  • Death to humans!
  • I was hoping you’d say that.
  • Your tricks will not save you, dh’oine.


  • Let the dance begin!
  • Too fast for you, dh’oine?
  • Watch and learn.

Xavier Moran

  • Heh? What's it aboot?
  • Och, devils blooter it all…
  • Twere a good ways better under ol' King Desmond.


  • Ayd f'haeil moen Hirjeth taenverde. (Conquer with courage rather than strength.)
  • Coexistence? No such thing.
  • We were not the ones to start this war.

Yarpen Zigrin

  • Any o' youse wanna good look at mae axe?
  • Gonna tear their legs from their bahookies!
  • Ohh, those scunners're in for a world o' hurt!

Zoltan Chivay

  • Always willin', pal.
  • Come to pappy.
  • Damn the whoresons!
  • Duvvelsheyss!
  • Oh-ho-ho, I could use a pint!


Caranthir Ar-Feiniel

  • Cáemm Aen Elle! (Aen Elle, Go!)
  • There is no escape.
  • Va fail, dh’oine. (Farewell, human.)

Dettlaff van der Eretein

  • Humans, you're all the same.
  • If you believe in any gods, pray to them now!
  • There is no other way…
  • Rhena, my Rhena.


  • Heeheeheeheeheehee!
  • I’d suck every last drop out of you.

Weavess, Weavess: Incantation

  • Heeheeheeheeheehee!
  • I sense your pain, I see your fear...
  • Soon, sisters, very soon.

Whispess, Whispess: Tribute

  • A word once given we never break.
  • I’d be your best… and last.
  • We're all dressed up just for you.


  • My Lords, to your banners!
  • We enter the fray!
  • Your nightmare!

Eredin Bréacc Glas

  • Any last words?
  • Ess’tedd, esse creasa. (It is time, it will be the place.)
  • You shall die, worm.


  • Flee while you can!
  • Hungry… oh, so hungry!
  • You brought this upon yourself!
  • You should not have come!
  • Your blood… mmm, so aromatic!


  • Ledwedd varlledu cyall, no ghar. (Paintings should convey emotion, not words.)
  • Naivety is a fool’s blessing.


  • Ladd nahw! (Kill them!)
  • Ni'l ceim siaar! (Don’t let them escape!)
  • Who taught you to fight like this?


  • Hmm…
  • How can I help you?
  • Not all dragons crave gold… but I do.
  • Not many of us left.
  • Take my word, you don't wish to anger me.


  • Cáemm... (Come...)
  • I shall sssssavour your death.
  • Such a shame I must kill you.


  • Bloede varh'he! (Bloody bi*tch!)
  • I wonder how long you’ll last!
  • Salah vatt'ghern! (Pray, witcher!)


  • Lie still, lie silent, utter no cries.
  • My sweet, sweet children.
  • Shh, it's all right!

Queen of the Night

  • Be not afraid, this'll only hurt a bit…
  • Mmm… your blood smells sweet.
  • Your deepest, darkest dreams - I can make them real.

She-Troll of Vergen

  • More nicey to she-troll talk.
  • Rocks be lady-troll bestest friends.
  • What wants you?


  • Come to me…
  • *humming*
  • You wouldn't want to hurt us… would you?

Unseen Elder

  • Nac thi sel me thaur?
  • The gate must be secure.
  • Why should I help you?

Whispering Hillock

  • Begone… begone!
  • Freedom… I long for freedom…
  • Trickery… treachery…!
  • Turn back… turn back…
  • What do you seek…?

Wild Hunt Navigator

  • Cáemm, hen gynvael!
  • Essea invaerne luned. (I’m a daughter of winter)
  • We know the mysteries of time and space - all of them.

Wild Hunt Rider

  • Dearg Ruadhri! (Red Horsemen!)
  • Hahahaha!
  • Ha! Veloë! (Ha! Quick!)

Wild Hunt Warrior

  • Death comes for you.
  • Resistance is futile.
  • There is no escape.


An Craite Armorsmith

  • Greetings! Wanna look over our stock?
  • Swords are for wenches. Get yourself an axe.
  • The sea provides.

An Craite Blacksmith

  • A billion barrels o' burnin' pitch!
  • Out with the crowns. C'mon, quick now!
  • So what, should I pound it into a poker?

An Craite Greatsword

  • An Craite!
  • For Crach!
  • I once lopped off three heads with one blow.

An Craite Marauder

  • Let's put our steel to the test.
  • Our jarl's been chosen, the gods speak to him.
  • The gods are with us!

An Craite Raider

  • It’s borin', just standin' here…
  • Praised be the bravest!
  • That’s it! Good!

An Craite Warrior

  • Skellige!
  • We’ll follow you always into the fray!
  • We’ll greet ‘em, we will. With fire and iron!

An Craite Warcrier

  • Craiiiiiite!
  • For the kiiiiiii-- *cough, cough*… dammit all…
  • Loooooot! Loooot!
  • Skelligeeeee!
  • To waaaaar!

Arnjolf the Patricide

  • Blood washes away all shame!
  • Death is only the beginnin'!
  • Hahahahaha!
  • The morrow I'll drink with our forefathers!
  • Wanna know how I got me scar?


  • Hmm…
  • Kept my tongue long enough.
  • Someone's gotta do somethin'.
  • The an Craite don't deserve the crown. Never 'ave.
  • Time's come for a change. High time!


  • Skellige needs a fierce king.
  • Tain't no country for the weak.
  • The strong devour the weak.

Birna Bran

  • So be it.
  • You stand before the Queen of Skellige!
  • We shall do it my way.

Blueboy Lugos

  • C'mon, let’s go. Time to face our fears.
  • For the clan! For Skellige!

Bran Tuirseach

  • Hah! Of course, friend!
  • Mead! More mead! Hah!
  • Sit at my table and let’s drink!

Cerys an Craite, Cerys: Fearless

  • I’m ready.
  • Need a good slappin’?
  • Step careful, there.

Champion of Hov

  • Fight good!
  • Perty!


  • Eh, I suppose, in the end…
  • Hm… that might even be amusin'.
  • I can do a great deal more for you.

Corrupted Flaminica

  • I shall rip the weakness from your soul.
  • Only the strongest will survive.
  • Time you returned to the dirt.
  • You are weak.
  • You will wither! You will crumble!

Crach an Craite

  • An Craite!
  • For Skellige's glory!
  • You've got the heart of an An Craite.

Craven Revived (Removed)

  • N-noooooooo!
  • S-stop! That hurts!
  • Why must you torture me?


  • B - B-blood… Blood everywhere!
  • Hahahahaha…!
  • N - No… Noooo… Hahahahaha!

Dimun Corsair

  • Gods're blowin' fair winds the day.
  • Got a bad case o' rower's back…
  • Ye've sailed into troubled waters, mate…

Dimun Pirate

  • Give us all you got.
  • Holger Blackhand’s takin’ on new swabbies, what d’you say?
  • You wanna pass, you gotta pay. Can’t let you through elseways.

Dimun Pirate Captain

  • Told you it'd be worth it.
  • What's this'un want?
  • Won’t pay us in gold? Pay us in blood.

Dimun Smuggler

  • Dimuuuun!
  • Kill, loot, burn!
  • We till not the soil, we sow not the seeds.

Disgraced Brawler

  • Ah!
  • Come 'ere, let's dance.
  • Don't need no weapon!
  • Hah, think I'm afeared?
  • My disgrace ends here, time I wiped it away!

Disgraced Warrior

  • Come on, kill me!
  • Death!
  • Hahahah!
  • Is today the day?
  • Waiting for a personal invitation?

Djenge Frett

  • Haven’t got all day!
  • Ugh. Hate it when they run.
  • You are comin’ with me, dead or alive.

Donar an Hindar

  • Calm yourselves.
  • For Hemdall!
  • Heymaey!

Draig Bon-Dhu

  • Glory to ye.

Drummond Shieldmaid

  • Give ‘em no rest! No reprieve!
  • Nooooow! All together!
  • Our shields are our ramparts!

Drummond Warmonger

  • I'll take that treasure, tear yer gullet off with it!
  • Lugos'll be burstin' with pride!
  • War at last! War, my beloved!

Drummond Queensguard

  • Hahahhaha.
  • Pansy.
  • You’re good! Real good.

Eist Tuirseach

  • Ehh, my beauteous Calanthe…
  • No retreat! Not one step!
  • Skellige and Cintra shall stand ever together!


  • I can help you if you wish.
  • Ugh. Gods protect us.


  • Gods… not a moment's peace.
  • Have you nothin better to do?
  • That is your brilliant move? Truly?
  • Ugh. Not you again.

Harald Houndsnout

  • Hahaha! Wilhelm, you're daft! Stop it!
  • Wilfred, get up! Wilfred!
  • Wilmar! D'ye hear?! They need us!

Harald the Cripple

  • Here’s to better loot than in yer wildest wettest dreams!
  • To arms! All o' youse!
  • Up and at 'em you lazy bastards! You'll sleep when you're dead.

Harald the Cripple (Original VO)

  • Up and at ‘em lazy mingers! Ye’ll sleep when you’re dead!


  • Finally.
  • The time has come!

Heymaey Flaminica

  • Atimes, nature needs a helpin' hand.
  • Ever danced with a daemon in the light of the full moon?
  • Nature's a fickle beast.

Heymaey Herbalist

  • Modron Freya will protect us.
  • Oh Freya, Thy very name is mercy.
  • The Great Mother's grace is boundless.

Heymaey Skald

  • Cross the wide, somber sea - I will sail.
  • Don’t you pester me.
  • Hey, listen here, listen well!

Heymaey Spearmaiden

  • Behold the Goddess' wrath!
  • The Mother Goddess - she giveth and taketh away.
  • The time for blatherin' is past!

Heymaey Protector

  • Either with my shield or on it!
  • Freya's bulwark – that's what we are!
  • Ye shan't get through!

Hjalmar an Craite

  • An Craite!
  • A thousand thunderin' sea devils!
  • Hjalmar an Craite is coming for ya!
  • Who wants to taste Skellige steel?!

Holger Blackhand

  • Callin' me a coward?
  • Dimun!
  • Onward!

Jutta an Dimun

  • Exactly what I’d hoped for.
  • May Freya choose the victor.
  • So? No one else dares face me?

Knut the Callous

  • Cursed are the meek, we say.
  • I kneel to Svalblod, and Svalblod alone.
  • Let's take the measure o' your manhood.
  • Maim! Kill!
  • Show me what flows in your veins.

Madman Lugos

  • I make the laws here.
  • Well? What is it?


  • A bite. Just one morrrrrsel.
  • What will you dooo?!
  • You cannot hide your stench.

Priestess of Freya

  • Bow before modron Freya!
  • Modron Freya is patient - but she brooks no insult.
  • We serve her who is virgin, mother and crone.


  • May modron Freya watch us and keep us!
  • The goddess protect you from all evil.
  • What do you need?

Sigrdrifa (Original VO)

  • May modron Freya watch us and keep us!
  • The goddess protect you from all evil.
  • What do you need?


  • Continent folk'll never understand.
  • Glory to Svalblod!
  • Life's one never-endin' fight.
  • Survival, that's the only virtue.
  • Who're ye to judge us?


  • I fear nothin’!
  • Lofoten!
  • We’ll go at ‘em together!

Svalblod Butcher

  • Hahaha!
  • Who has the courage to fight the Vildkaarls? Eh?
  • You'll beg for death!

Svalblod Cultist

  • Blood for Svalblod!
  • Hahahahaha!
  • We live to serve Him.

Svalblod Priest

  • Accept our sacrifice!
  • Fill our hearts with wrath!
  • Fire up our loins!

Svalblod Ravager

  • Comin' to get ya.
  • I’ll eat your heart!
  • Kill! Maim! Destroy!

Svanrige Tuirseach

  • I shan’t let you down!
  • I swear on my honor!
  • I will prove my worth.
  • We move out at once.
  • We’ve no time to lose!

Tuirseach Archer

  • By Hemdall’s axe!
  • By the wraiths of Mörhogg!
  • Keep together!

Tuirseach Axeman

  • For Bran!
  • Tuirseach!

Tuirseach Bearmaster

  • C'mere, come get a hearty bear hug. Hahaha!
  • Get 'im, Wojtek!
  • He don't like you.
  • Sure, you can pet 'im. Long as you don't mind losin' an arm.
  • Wojtek! Down!

Tuirseach Hunter

  • I promise you a quick death!
  • Mörhogg devour ye!
  • What is it?

Tuirseach Skirmisher

  • Best not get in the way of me axe.
  • Kraken eat me goolies, lookie here.
  • Nothin' like some overseas plunderin' in springtime.

Tuirseach Veteran

  • Mayhap you'll gawk at Zerrikania's marvels too one day.
  • Scars're all the trophies I need.
  • Seen it all already. And then some.


  • He is here!
  • The gods won’t be pleased.
  • You only live once!


  • Blood for Svalblod!
  • Haha! Reason's for the feeble of heart!
  • I'll gut ye like fishes!


  • Armor is art.
  • Atimes I miss the isles…
  • Fergus, master of the craft - tell me another one.
  • Sure, make me do all the work, like always.
  • What? Think 'cause I got breasts I can't craft armor?

Icon Neutral.png Neutral


  • Begone… Leave us.
  • Grrr…
  • The child… return her to me…


  • Go teach your own nan to suck eggs!
  • Lookie what the cat dragged in!
  • Need somethin', guv'nor?
  • Time to dump or get off the privy.
  • White cider, Est Est - all tastes the same comin' back up.

Avallac’h, Avallac'h: Sage

  • Appearances can be deceiving.
  • At last.
  • It’s time.
  • You will see it… in your dream.

Bomb Heaver

  • Are you mad? Don't shake that!
  • Catch!
  • I smell a leak.
  • This could hurt.
  • Watch your heads.

Carlo Varese

  • I'm a dwarf o' business.
  • Nuff gob-flappin'!
  • Snitches get stitches!

Ciri, Ciri: Dash, Ciri: Nova

  • Don’t make me laugh!
  • Ho-ho, I sense trouble.
  • Yield and save me some time!
  • You’ve talked enough.


  • Let 'im have it!
  • Ploughin' hangover…
  • So.. we off to milk some milkmaids.

Cyprian Wiley

  • Heheheh…
  • Heheh. Slow, ain't ya?
  • Well, we've nattered enough.

Dandelion: Poet, Dandelion: Vainglory

  • Asking me for help - now that’s smart.
  • Famous last words right there.
  • For you, my friend, always.
  • Got a bad feeling about this…
  • Rumors travel faster than the wind.
  • The quill is mightier than the sword.
  • With pleasure.

Dorregaray of Vole

  • A g-g-golden dragon!
  • I do not mince words. On principle.
  • Mankind is a virus, a plague.
  • Our world is in harmony.


  • I-if I must…
  • I-I'm coming... Coming.
  • S-since you... i-insist.

Eskel, Eskel: Pathfinder

  • All right.
  • Gettin' to work.
  • Sure, no problem.
  • This will be quick and painful.

Duda: Agitator, Duda: Companion

  • Frrrr-ickin' rrrr-ight!
  • Uggerrrr-me! Crrrr-ackers!

Francis Bedlam

  • Not one escapes! Got it?
  • So, how are things?
  • The semblance of power don't interest me.
  • Who do I spy?

Gascon: Duke of Dogs

  • And just when you thought things were about to get dull.
  • Coin never stinks, no matter how rank the pouch.
  • Hahaha! Wait, you're serious?
  • Nothing personal, I assure you.
  • Quick and painful this will be.

Gaunter O’Dimm

  • At your service.
  • I never cheat.
  • My world, my rules.
  • Point for me.
  • You wished to play? So let us play.

Geralt of Rivia, Geralt: Aard, Geralt: Igni, Geralt: Yrden, Geralt: Professional

  • Any last words?
  • Dammit.
  • I hate portals.
  • Let’s get this over with.
  • Not your lucky day.

Germain Piquant

  • Begone! Begone, you devils!
  • Die! Burn!
  • We'll defend our homes no matter what!
  • You won't take us alive!

Gimpy Gerwin

  • No one insults Gimpy Gerwin!
  • No one wanted these lands, so I up and took 'em.
  • Time for a beating!
  • You got to keep peasants on a short leash.

Gregoire de Gorgon

  • Grr…
  • I came to kill, not talk!
  • Sod off.
  • Weapon out!
  • What?!


  • I am sadness.
  • I'm so very, very afraid.
  • We've met? I don't recall…

Ivo of Belhaven

  • Got a job for me?
  • Let's make this quick.
  • Time to get to work.
  • Witchers never die in their beds.
  • Yeah?


  • Do I look like a smudger to you?
  • Good grief, you're worse than children!
  • Peter Piper picked Prince Proximo a peck of pickled peppers by the Pontar. Hahaha.

Lady of the Lake

  • Art thou worthy?
  • The righteous shall be recompensed.
  • "Watery tart"? I'll show you…

Lambert, Lambert: Swordmaster

  • A bit of respect. You're not talkin' to Geralt.
  • Been waiting a long time for this.
  • Don’t teach your grandma to suck eggs.
  • I'm in no mood to talk.
  • Now that's the kind of negotiating I understand.
  • So, what's our plan?

Iris' Companions

  • Agreed. As per our contract.
  • Beware, beware the Man of Glass.
  • Hm. Seems doable.
  • We are friends of the family.


  • Eh, sod it all. A guest is a guest.
  • Grrr, roawr, raaaaor!
  • Scurry away, afore it's too late!

Olgierd von Everec

  • A moment. I need to smoke.
  • Death holds no surprises.
  • I’m in no mood for jests.


  • Welcome, Chosen One.
  • You blind, greedy fool.

Oxenfurt Scholar

  • Knowledge is the sole treasure worth seeking.
  • There's already a tome about everything.

Peasant Militia, Peasant (WIP)

  • Aye..
  • My spirit's willing and how, but these damn boots are killing me.
  • There's a time to reap, a time to sow.. and a time to die..


  • A sacrifice of a few goats and lambs surely beats burning folk at the stake.
  • Best-looking storm I've charmed up in a long while!
  • Board up the windows, bar the doors, stow the animals inside.
  • We're in for a long, dark night.
  • You cannot force mother nature – a damned stubborn wench she is.

Prince Villem

  • A king faces difficult choices.
  • I'll show my mother she's wrong.
  • I know what I'm doing.
  • I must think of my folk.
  • Sometimes submission is a virtue.


  • Anything in particular interest you?
  • I know you’re in trouble. I can help.
  • Your powers of deduction seem to have waned not one bit.

Strays Slinger

  • Bigger they are, easier they're to target.
  • Ehh?
  • Ever have a stone knock out one of your teeth?
  • I've hit the white of an eye from half a league away.
  • Thing about slings? They hide well.

Strays Infiltrator

  • Go! Hop, hop!
  • Gotta get our arses movin'!
  • No time for that!
  • Shh! Cork it!
  • We got a job to do.

Strays Cavalry

  • Grrr. Grrrr. Hahaha.
  • *howling*
  • The chase is on!
  • Ya! Ya!
  • We'll catch 'em all!

Strays of Spalla

  • Got a death wish?
  • I'll relieve ye o' that pouch.
  • Lookin' to dance, mate?
  • My favorite cut o' lamb? Th' shank.
  • Whatchu lookin' at?


  • Boo!
  • Did I scare you?
  • Do you want to tickle me?

Shupe's Day Off, Shupe: Mage, Shupe: Hunter, Shupe: Knight

  • Haha! Good Gwenty-card! Bestestest!
  • Hahaha! Shupe paintysmear gwentycards. Like you? Yah-yah? Hahah..
  • Human Shupe say?
  • Shupe madily make, Shupe rockdrop you!
  • Shuuuuuuuuupe! Shuuuuupe!


  • I shall help. Best as I can.
  • She's closing in...
  • Shrike! That's.. that's impossible!
  • Some keep a vigil so that others may sleep.


  • I do so dreadfully miss my "darling" little sis.
  • I shall take back what is mine.
  • What the botching blazes do you know about duchesses?

Triss Merigold, Triss: Butterfly Spell, Triss: Telekinesis

  • Addan quen spars-paerpe'tlon Vort!
  • How can I help?
  • I’ll do what I can.
  • I sense strong magic.
  • I will not let this become a second Sodden!
  • Just great.


  • Now, how did that incantation go?

Vesemir, Vesemir: Mentor

  • I’m too old for this shit.
  • Not much left of that world.
  • Tomfoolery! Enough!

Xavier Lemmens

  • As ordered.
  • Fear not, we shall achieve our goal.
  • Getting to work.
  • My pain serves a purpose.
  • My scars? No — they don't hurt.

Yennefer, Yennefer: Conjurer

  • There'll be nothing to pick up when I’m done with you!
  • You crossed the wrong sorceress!
  • You’d best yield now!

Zoltan: Scoundrel

  • Always willin', pal.
  • Come to pappy.
  • Damn the whoresons!
  • Duvvelsheyss!
  • Oh-ho-ho, I could use a pint!

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