Card Art

Falbeson Rience Henry var Attre Nilfgaardian Gate Meve Rivian Broadsword Meve War Hammer Meve Bloody Flail Meve Sihil Meve Angreni Sword Meve Ornamental Sword Meve Mastercrafted Spear Meve Rivian Broadsword Lyrian Banner Lyrian Blacksmith Rivian Hajduk Rivian Sapper Rivian Onager Jacques de Aldersberg Footmen of the Flaming Rose Cleric of the Flaming Rose Greater Brothers Mutant Assassin King Radovid V Philippa Eilhart Sigismund Dijkstra Shani Redanian Knight Redanian Elite Redanian Knight-Elect Trollololo Reaver Hunter Reaver Scout Dun Banner Heavy Cavalry 2 Aedirnian Cavalry Infantry Deserters Forager Mantlet Wagenburg War Wagon Tyr Otkell Coral 2 Cerys; Fearless Disgraced Warrior Unrelenting She-Bear Ornamental Sword Moonlight Dagon Keltullis Claws Keltullis Fire Breath Manticore Head Manticore Left Wing Manticore Right Wing Manticore Left Leg Manticore Right Leg Manticore Tail The Beast Barghest Plague Maiden Nightwraith Noonwraith Riordain Elven Blade Strays Slinger Strays Infiltrator Strays Cavalry Horse Thief Knickers Shadowy Silhouette (1) Shadowy Silhouette (2) Ge'els' Painting Runestone of the Void Keltullis Trophy Fire Precipice Wagon Dark Alley Bardic Power Chords Quen Sign Epidemic (old) & Rat Knight of the Flaming Rose Unknown TBR
Clear weatherJohann Falbeson Clear weatherRience Clear weatherHenry var Attre Clear weatherNilfgaardian Gate Northern RealmsMeve Rivian Broadsword Northern RealmsMeve War Hammer Northern RealmsMeve Bloody Flail Northern RealmsMeve Sihil Northern RealmsMeve Angreni Sword Northern RealmsMeve Ornamental Sword Northern RealmsMeve Spear Northern RealmsRivian Broadsword Northern RealmsLyrian Banner Northern RealmsLyrian Blacksmith Northern RealmsRivian Hajduk Northern RealmsRivian Sapper Northern RealmsRivian Onager Northern RealmsJacques de Aldersberg Northern RealmsFootmen of the FR. Northern RealmsCleric of the FR. Northern RealmsGreater Brothers Northern RealmsMutant Assassin Northern RealmsKing Radovid V Northern RealmsPhilippa Northern RealmsSigismund Dijkstra Northern RealmsShani Northern RealmsRedanian Knight Northern RealmsRedanian Elite Northern RealmsRedanian Knight-Elect Northern RealmsTrollololo Northern RealmsReaver Hunter Northern RealmsReaver Scout Northern Realms(?) Northern RealmsAedirnian Cavalry Northern RealmsAedirnian Deserter Northern RealmsForager Northern RealmsMantlet Northern RealmsWagenburg Northern RealmsWar Wagon SkelligeTyr SkelligeOtkell SkelligeCoral SkelligeCerys: Fearless SkelligeDisgraced Warrior SkelligeUnrelenting She-Bear SkelligeOrnamental Sword MonsterssMoonlight MonsterssDagon MonsterssKeltullis Claws MonsterssKeltullis Fire Breath MonsterssManticore Head MonsterssManticore Left Wing MonsterssManticore Right Wing MonsterssManticore Left Leg MonsterssManticore Right Leg MonsterssManticore Tail MonsterssThe Beast MonsterssBarghest MonsterssPlague Maiden MonsterssNightwraith MonsterssNoonwraith Scoia taelRiordain Scoia taelElven Blade Icon Neutral Strays Slinger Icon Neutral Strays Infiltrator Icon Neutral Strays Cavalry Icon Neutral Horse Thief Icon Neutral Knickers Icon Neutral Shadowy Silhouette Icon Neutral Shadowy Silhouette Icon Neutral Ge'els' Painting Icon Neutral Runestone of the Void Icon Neutral Keltullis Trophy Icon Neutral Fire Icon Neutral Precipice Icon Neutral Wagon Icon Neutral Dark Alley Icon Neutral Bardic Power Chords Icon Neutral Quen Sign Icon Neutral Rat Northern RealmsKnight of the Flaming Rose Icon Neutral Unknown

Cards and their Voice Lines




  • Rience 1
    Let's you an' me have some fun.
  • Rience 2
    Name's Rience. Remember that.
  • Rience 3
    When I finish with 'em, there'll be nothin' left to bury.

Nauzicaa Cavalry Support (Possibly abandoned)

  • Nauzicaa Cavalry Support 1
    Adhart Nilfgaard! (Forward, Nilfgaard!)
  • Nauzicaa Cavalry Support 2
  • Nauzicaa Cavalry Support 3
    Saddle the horses! We ride!

Archer Support (Possibly abandoned)

  • Archer Support 1
  • Archer Support 2
    Ver dâeer en zer Kaer'zer!
  • Archer Support 3
    Yeaˇ, awr!

Basic Infantry (Possibly abandoned)

  • Basic Infantry 1
    Gloir aen Ker'zaer!
  • Basic Infantry 2
    The emperor will teach the North discipline.
  • Basic Infantry 3
    Yes, sir.

Tourney Joust (Jousting Champion, Unused)

  • Tourney Joust 1
    Honor and glory!
  • Tourney Joust 2
    I know, I know – I am fabulous.
  • Tourney Joust 3
    The flower of chivalry, at your command!

Slave Infantry (Unused)

  • Slave Infantry 1
    A-aye, aye s-sir.
  • Slave Infantry 2
    Don't, don't hit me.
  • Slave Infantry 3
    Of course.
  • Slave Infantry 4
    O-on on your command.
  • Slave Infantry 5

King Reginald

  • King Reginald 2
    Gentlemen, time to hunt!
  • King Reginald 3
    I cannot be arsed!
  • King Reginald 1
    My patience is at its end!
  • King Reginald 4
    Well? Do you require an invitation? Follow me!
  • King Reginald 5
    Wine - more wine! I shan't hunt on a parched throat!


  • Guillaume 1
  • Guillaume 2
    For Lady Vivienne!
  • Guillaume 3
    For my heart's captor!
  • Guillaume 4
    For the loveliest of maids!
  • Guillaume 5
    Toussaint! Launfal!

Northern Realms

NRRRNorthern Realms

Jacques de Aldersberg

  • Jacques de Aldersberg 1
    Knowledge is my burden.
  • Jacques de Aldersberg 2
    Only I can prevent a calamity.
  • Jacques de Aldersberg 3
    The ends ever justify the means.

Cleric of the Flaming Rose

  • Cleric of the Flaming Rose 1
    Faith burns bright in our hearts!
  • Cleric of the Flaming Rose 2
    May the Fire illuminate your path.
  • Cleric of the Flaming Rose 3
    The Eternal Fire banishes all shadow.

Knights of the Flaming Rose

  • Knights of the Flaming Rose 1
    By the Flaming Rose!
  • Knights of the Flaming Rose 2
    Eternal Fire!
  • Knights of the Flaming Rose 3
    Long live the Grand Master!

Footmen of the Flaming Rose

  • Footmen of the Flaming Rose 1
    Could use some better gaiters.
  • Footmen of the Flaming Rose 2
    Fire's grand and all, but it don't put chickens in the pot.
  • Footmen of the Flaming Rose 3
    Gonna hunt us some Squirrels?

Greater Brothers

  • Greater Brothers 1
  • Greater Brothers 2
    Smash! Crush!
  • Greater Brothers 3

Weaker Mutant

  • Weaker Mutant 1
  • Weaker Mutant 2
    Crush. Kill.
  • Weaker Mutant 3
    Ha! Ha! Ha!

King Dagorad

  • King Dagorad 1
    A son should not be held to bear the sins of his father.
  • King Dagorad 2
    Cintra deserves better.
  • King Dagorad 3
    My father erred gravely, and frequently so.
  • King Dagorad 4
    The world I shall leave to my children will be a better one.
  • King Dagorad 5
    We've much work ahead of us.

Cintrian Envoy (Unused)

  • Cintrian Envoy 1
    And what is it I'm to convey to the queen?
  • Cintrian Envoy 2
    I bear news of the utmost urgency.
  • Cintrian Envoy 3
    I come on behalf of the queen.
  • Cintrian Envoy 4
    My sovereign tolerates no insult.
  • Cintrian Envoy 5
    Queen Calanthe, her words I carry.


  • Ulrich 1
    Praised be the Flaming Rose!
  • Ulrich 2
    Radovid will regret betrayin' us…
  • Ulrich 3
    The Grand Master did not die in vain.
  • Ulrich 4
    The Order will be reborn.
  • Ulrich 5
    We do what must be done.

Von Horst

  • Von Horst 1
    Ehh… runnin' low on meat again.
  • Von Horst 2
    It's not easy, but we make do.
  • Von Horst 3
    The Flaming Rose's continued existence - that alone matters.
  • Von Horst 4
    We do what we can.
  • Von Horst 5
    Will this never end?

Fette de'Amin

  • Fette de'Amin 1
    A beautiful day to die!
  • Fette de'Amin 2
    Follow me! For the Flaming Rose!
  • Fette de'Amin 3
    For the Grand Master!
  • Fette de'Amin 4
    Stand and deliver!
  • Fette de'Amin 5
    Witness me, brothers!


  • Tuur 1
    Mhm… yeah?
  • Tuur 2
    Stop your screamin', I'm comin'.
  • Tuur 3
    The Order will survive.
  • Tuur 4
    We've gotta keep calm.
  • Tuur 5
    Work hard, pray hard.

Fallen Knight (1)

  • Fallen Knight (1) 1
    Eternal Fire!
  • Fallen Knight (1) 2
    For the Flaming Rose!
  • Fallen Knight (1) 3
    I live, I die! I live again!
  • Fallen Knight (1) 4
    Oh, what a day! What a lovely day!
  • Fallen Knight (1) 5
    Sing, brothers! Sing! SING!

Fallen Knight (2)

  • Fallen Knight (2) 1
    Blasted halflings…
  • Fallen Knight (2) 2
    Damned witches and their scheming…
  • Fallen Knight (2) 3
    Filthy midgets… thieves, one and all…
  • Fallen Knight (2) 4
    Godless gnomes…
  • Fallen Knight (2) 5
    Pointy-ears are not to be trusted…

Redanian Jousting Knight

  • Redanian Jousting Knight 1
    For a Great Redania, from the mountains to the sea!
  • Redanian Jousting Knight 2
    For King and country!
  • Redanian Jousting Knight 3
    For Redania! For its glory!
  • Redanian Jousting Knight 4
  • Redanian Jousting Knight 5
    Long live the king!




  • Vereena 1
  • Vereena 2
  • Vereena 3
    Mine. Or no one's.


  • Fugas 1
    One… bun.
  • Fugas 2
    Three… glee.
  • Fugas 3
    Two… poo.

Plague Maiden

  • Plague Maiden 1
    All shall know my touch…
  • Plague Maiden 2
    I'm free! Free at last!
  • Plague Maiden 3
    They say my laughter is contagious. Hahaha!

Shrieker (Possibly released as Cockatrice.)

  • Missing




  • Cedric 1
    I shall help if I can.
  • Cedric 2
    I've no wish to remember…
  • Cedric 3
    What do you need?

Vrihedd Infiltrator

  • Vrihedd Infiltrator 3
    For the dh'oine - cold steel.
  • Vrihedd Infiltrator 2
    The dh'oine long dismissed us. Now they must pay.
  • Vrihedd Infiltrator 1
    They suspect not a thing.

Dryad Sharpshooter

  • Dryad Sharpshooter 1
    I enjoy watching you expire.


  • Unknown 1
    Accursed racists!
  • Unknown 2
    Aelirenn has shown us the way.
  • Unknown 3
    For the Daisy of the Valley!
  • Unknown 4
    If I'm to die, I'll do so sword in hand.
  • Unknown 5
    Time for you to die, dh'oine!

Iorveth's Commando (Possibly abandoned)

  • Missing.




  • Tyr 1
    Challenge accepted!
  • Tyr 2
    Glory to heroes all!
  • Tyr 3
    We'll build up Skellige with our bare hands.


  • Otkell 1
    Ask and ye shall receive. Seek and ye shall find.
  • Otkell 2
    Mother Goddess, guide me on my path.
  • Otkell 3
    The Mother Goddess' power knows no bounds.

Otrygg an Hindar

  • Otrygg an Hindar 1
    An Hindar!
  • Otrygg an Hindar 2
    Goddess Freya!
  • Otrygg an Hindar 3
    Ha! Lutefisk! Gimme some o' that!

Skellige Pirate

  • Skellige Pirate 1
    Ard Skellig!
  • Skellige Pirate 2
    For Eist!
  • Skellige Pirate 3
    Hah, that a challenge?
  • Skellige Pirate 4
    My crippled gran steps livelier than youse.
  • Skellige Pirate 5
    Time for some maraudin'.


Icon Neutral Neutral


  • Chappelle 1
    I did no wrong!
  • Chappelle 2
    I only wished to live in peace among you…
  • Chappelle 3
    Otherness – that was my sin…

Doppler Female

  • Doppler Female 1
    I'd so much rather be a bird.
  • Doppler Female 2
    Never been that before!
  • Doppler Female 3
    Ooh, fascinating that form.
  • Doppler Female 4
    Think I could pull off horns?
  • Doppler Female 5
    Time for a new look!

Witcher's Story

Falibor's Archer

  • Falibor's Archer 1
    Cursed traitors.
  • Falibor's Archer 2
    Don't like this.
  • Falibor's Archer 3
    Sod it.. sod it all..

Bandit Archer

  • Bandit Archer 1
    Ho, ho, quite a crowd.
  • Bandit Archer 2
    Think I got scabies.
  • Bandit Archer 3
    Wanna hop over the village? Remind the bumpkins who we are?


Greta Obert

  • Greta Obert 1
    I'm old, not deaf.
  • Greta Obert 2
    Live as long as I have, and nothing will surprise you.
  • Greta Obert 3
    Never been a good war nor a bad peace.
  • Greta Obert 4
    Not my first war, likely not my last.
  • Greta Obert 5
    Now why would I help you?

Flavor Text

Precipice; We teetered on the brink of the abyss - then took a step forward!
Northern Wind; An unnatural fog enveloped Demavend's ship and his crew turned into icy sculptures...
Watchman; Build bridges, not walls.
Berserker Marauder; Don't underestimate them. Even their young are damned dangerous.
Raging Berserker; In their ballads skalds claim you cannot tell a berserker changed in the heat of battle from a true–born bear.
Coral: Gravedigger; Digging mass graves, disinterring the dead, reassembling corpses torn asunder… All doable with grace, provided the right hands and attitude.
Shaelmaar: Imagine a cross between a mole and an armadillo, but ten feet tall and with an appetite for human flesh.
Fleder: Close the window, darling, else we'll be swatting at bloodsuckers all night long.
Garkain: The vilest vampire I've ever had the misfortune to lay eyes upon.
Vran: We know relatively little about the Vran, except that they were wiped out at Loc Muinne by a mysterious disease…
Rabid Bear: He was just an average bear. Then someone stole his honey…
Riordain: Stare into their eyes, feast on their terror. Then go in for the kill.
Iorveth's Commando: Race is the very reason we fight.
Wolf: Surrounded by that pack of wolves, we felt like the Three Little Pigs.
Basic Infantry (?): The backbone of any army. As long as their boots are comfortable.
Dun Banner Standard: Contrary to popular belief, it is not at all dun.
Grand Feast: We've an adage here in Skellige… At a good feast, mead and blood flow in equal measure.
Rogue Mage:Those who are expelled from the Ban Ard Academy often continue studying on their own, in defiance of the laws established by the Council and Conclave.
Avallac'h: the Navigator; Welcome to the Ddiddiwedht Desert.
Falibor: Loyal vassal of the old baron of Tridam. Currently a wanted man.
Falibor's Archer: The soldiers from Tridam had received only basic archery training and most certainly were not among the world's best marksmen.
Falibor's Scout: Every scout bears the

lives of twenty–four men in his quiver.

Bandit: They take from the rich and give the poor… a kick in the teeth.
Monster Horde: The ugliest of them all.
Plague Maiden: The sick rave about a boil-pocked woman surrounded by herds of rabid rats...
Yennefer: Necromancer: Putrefaction's set in... but the vocal cords are intact. We might still get something out of him...
Vicovaro Medic: The world has known as many plagues as it has wars. Yet both war and plague always take men by surprise.
Griffin: Griffins like to toy with their prey. Eat 'em alive, piece by piece.
Petri's Philter: But that night, the moon was the color of blood.
Elder Bear: Roooaaar!

Avatars and Announcers

Brouver Hoog Avatar' EithneAvatar Crach an Craite Avatar HaraldAvatar Foltest Avatar Demavend Avatar HenseltAvatar Eredin Avatar Wild Hunt King Avatar Unseen ElderAvatar Emhyr Avatar John Calveit Avatar Morvran Avatar Avatar-default Ciri Empress Avatar Geralt Unknown Avatar Triss Festival Avatar Iorveth; Meditation Avatar Djenge Frett Avatar Jotunn Avatar Avatar Priscilla Avatar Trollololo Avatar Draig Avatar Gabor Peasant Avatar Cow Avatar Vesemir Avatar Bruxa Avatar Germain Avatar Zapphire Avatar Arachas Avatar Horder Avatar FaliborAvatar MilaenAvatar TorinaAvatar Crowned Meve Avatar 1 Crowned Meve Avatar 2 Crowned Meve Avatar 3 Meve Avatar 1 Meve Avatar 2 Meve Avatar 3 Crowned Vilem Avatar Vilem Avatar Reynard Avatar NR Count Caldwell 2 Avatar NR Count Caldwell Avatar Eyck of Denesle Avatar Black Rayla Avatar NR Unknown Avatar Avatar Peasant Woman Beaten Peasant Avatar NR Soldier Avatar Lyrian Soldier Avatar Eldain Avatar Barnaby Beckenbauer Avatar UnknownElf Avatar UnknownElf Avatar2 UnknownDwarf Avatar UnknownDwarf Avatar2 NG Unknown Avatar NG Unknown 2 Avatar NG Count Caldwell Avatar Nilfgaardian Soldier Avatar Gascon Avatar Gascon 2 Avatar NEU Count Caldwell Avatar Isbel of Hagge Avatar Unknown Avatar Keg Avatar CDPRBird Avatar
Brouver Eithne Crach Harald Foltest Demavend Henselt Eredin King Unseen Elder Emhyr John Calveit Voorhis Shupe Empress Geralt Triss Iorveth Djenge Jotunn Priscilla Trollololo Draig Gabor Peasant Cow Vesemir Bruxa Germain Zapphire Arachas Horde Falibor Milaen Torina Meve Meve Meve Meve Meve Meve Vilem Vilem Reynard Caldwell NR Caldwell NR Eyck Rayla Unknown Woman Unknown Unknown Lyrian Soldier Eldain Barnaby Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Caldwell NG Unknown Gascon Gascon Caldwell NEU Isbel Unknown Keg CDPR





Imlerith Unmasked Avatar




Regis Avatar

Avatar Odrin

Eredin Avatar

Eredin Unmasked Avatar


Morvran Avatar
Morvran Voorhis
  • Well played, my friend!
  • Bloede arse!
  • Why, thank you!
  • You will like this.
  • Let us see if I can't do something about that.
  • Just the beginning, a mere opening.
  • Tremendous luck.
  • I don't mean to rush you, but…
  • Interesting, very interesting…
  • Sorry! My mistake.
  • That a jest, friend?
  • Forgive me, but I must destroy you.
  • He does not yet know it, but his time will soon come to an end. (reacting to Emhyr)
  • A charming creature, though slightly uncouth. (reacting to Ciri)
  • Far more than a simple witcher… (reacting to Geralt)
  • The North's finest flower, in full bloom. (reacting to Maria La Valette)
  • An unbearable loss for the Corporation. (reacting to Shilard)
  • The Alba Division knows no equal. (reacting to Alba Units)
  • His name shall be struck from all records and memory. (reacting to Usurper)
  • Hm. Not terribly fond of my likeness.

Francesca Avatar

Letho Avatar
Letho of Gulet

Vernon Roche Avatar
Vernon Roche

Zoltan Animal Tamer Avatar

Phoenix Avatar

Brouver Hoog Avatar'
Brouver Hoog
  • I'll give ye this – ye did good there.
  • Oh, flibberbait!
  • Right, well. Thanks, I guess.
  • Now ye're in it tits-deep…
  • Get those commode-scraps offa my board.
  • Dinnae expect that, did ye?
  • Twere easier in the old days…
  • Ye waitin' round, hopin I'll croak, ye badger?
  • Awright, that was somethin' else.
  • All this fluffin' about'll be the death o' me…
  • Hahaha! Ehh… wait, ye're serious? That's yer move?
  • Somebody hold me back or I'll…
  • Wee Chivay never could stay outta trouble.
  • With Gabor, you nee'n't worry.
  • Awright, awright… least this yen killed a dragon. (reacting to Yarpen Zigrin)
  • Another itchy-arsed wander-luster. (reacting to Sheldon Skaggs)
  • Now that's a heid whose gears're greased. (reacting to Barclay Els)
  • Ech, that bloody stubborn wench again… (reacting to Queen Meve)

Cow Avatar
  • [Holy cow! That was impressive.]
  • [A cowpox upon you!]
  • [Thanks, got no beef with that.]
  • [Right. Time to take the bull by the horns.]
  • [Pff! Dropped patties bigger than your army.]
  • [Stick that in your corral and milk it.]
  • [Phew… thought I was mincemeat.]
  • [Go on! Make your mooooooooove!]
  • [Udderly fascinating…]
  • [Tsk. What a misteak.]
  • [You're like a bull in a china shop.]
  • [Time for the slaughter!]

Crach an Craite Avatar
Crach an Craite
  • Cuttin' job ye did there.
  • Gods dammit all…
  • I owe ye for that.
  • Time for the Wild Boar o' the Sea to sail!
  • They cannot hold a candle to us!
  • An Craite blood runs thick!
  • Phew… a hair's breadth.
  • Waitin' for the thaw?
  • Gonna have to give that a think.
  • Somethin's amiss.
  • Hahaha!
  • An Craiiiite!
  • Good ol' Ermion.
  • Ahh, Pavetta… as lovely as her mum.
  • My fiery sparrowhawk. (reacting to Cerys)
  • Foolhardy and reckless - oh, he's definitely mine. (reacting to Hjalmar)
  • Back-stabbin' vipress. (reacting to Birna Bran)
  • Wonder if she still remembers that time we… (reacting to Yennefer)
  • Hope all's well with her, wherever she be. (reacting to Ciri)
  • A Skelliger at heart, if I've ever seen one! (reacting to Geralt)
  • Black 'uns killed 'im - they'll burn for that. (reacting to Eist)

Dagon Avatar

Demavend Avatar
  • Enjoy it whilst you can.
  • A crime! A crime against the crown!
  • I appreciate it, really I do.
  • And now for a little surprise of my own.
  • Hmmm… I've got to get me one of those.
  • Serves me rather well, that one.
  • Phew… luck's on my side today, and luck's always with the better.
  • Wake me when you're done, please?
  • My spies, my scouts said nothing of this…
  • An unfortunate incident. I'll have the historians omit it.
  • Rather creative, that. Moronic, but creative.
  • I shall come, I shall see, I shall conquer!
  • Ah, it's Meve! Been years, darling!
  • Hm… who might that be? (reacting to Letho)
  • Oh, my dear lad… (reacting to Prince Stennis)
  • Strikes fear in the hearts of her enemies - mine, too, if I'm to be honest. (reacting to Rayla)
  • Not at all as handsome as they say. (reacting to Foltest)
  • A traitor! And a lout! A traitorous lout! (reacting to Henselt)
  • My subject, by all rights… though I trust her not one whit. (reacting to Yennefer)

  • You fight well.
  • Curse you! And your kin!
  • May Brokilon reward you for that.
  • When we strike, you won't see it. Nor anything, ever again.
  • Intruders. Blasphemers.
  • Bow before the power of Brokilon.
  • I survived so I may fight for Brokilon another day.
  • Watching the woods grow?
  • Interesting…
  • Every mistake is an opportunity.
  • Our daughters are faring far better than you.
  • You should not have come.
  • Sor'ca. [Little sister.] (reacting to Milva)
  • My beloved daughter… (reacting to Morenn)
  • Fight and live proudly, sister. (reacting to a dryad)
  • No wound is too terrible for her. (reacting to Aglais)
  • She is one of us now. Only that matters. (reacting to Braenn)
  • So naive. (reacting to Fauve)
  • Gwynbleidd. [White Wolf.] (reacting to Geralt)

Eldain Avatar
  • Not bad… but you must try harder.
  • Thaess aep! [Shut up!]
  • You have aided the Scoia'tael. But do not expect gratitude.
  • You've no idea what's to come.
  • Nice army… such a shame it'll be destroyed.
  • This is only the beginning.
  • This time it worked.
  • Move along now, bloede skrekk! [Bloody rat!]
  • Interesting.
  • Aep D'yaebl! [Dammit!]
  • You are not the first to underestimate me.
  • You shall end like all the others.
  • If anyone can lead us, it is he.
  • Enid an Gleanna.
  • She is a woman, but no different from all other men. (reacting to Queen Meve)
  • Demavend's butcher… (reacting to Black Rayla)

Emhyr Avatar
  • Impressive.
  • I do not tolerate incompetence.
  • You serve me well.
  • Time you learned a lesson.
  • Futile, this resistance.
  • Why hold out hope in the face of overwhelming force?
  • That was close. Too close.
  • You waste my time.
  • Hmm… interesting…
  • Ah, a novice's error.
  • Your continued struggle has grown amusing.
  • Careful. You do not want me to lose patience.
  • Friends make the worst enemies.
  • We share the same goals.
  • Her sacrifice was necessary.
  • She is destined for great things. (reacting to Ciri)
  • She shall suffer no more harm, ever. (reacting to Fake Ciri)
  • He killed my father. He should have killed me. (reacting to Usurper)
  • He must die. But I shall keep the promise I made him. (reacting to Letho)
  • He has a knack for meddling in other's affairs. (reacting to Geralt)
  • I cannot picture his face… (reacting to Fergus)
  • This Owl hunted dangerous prey. (reacting to Stefan Skellen)

Foltest Avatar
  • Don't give up easy, do you?
  • Dammit all!
  • This I like!
  • Watch the true King of the North in action.
  • Surrender and limit your shame.
  • The finest of Temeria's finest.
  • Very close call.
  • Enough! Do something! Stop mucking about!
  • Interesting… very interesting.
  • An error.
  • Are you a jester? Is that it?
  • Grrr, I've had battles go awry, but this topples them all!
  • I shan't let anyone touch her. (reacting to Adda)
  • Ready to pounce on my every misstep. (reacting to Radovid)
  • A good man, reliable. And loyal. (reacting to Vernon Roche)
  • Fanatics, I cannot stand them. (reacting to Jacques de Aldersberg)
  • Never met another woman of her make. (reacting to Queen Meve)
  • A gluttonous pig - nothing else to say. (reacting to Henselt)
  • I owe him a debt I can never repay. (reacting to Geralt)
  • Uncanny resemblance to my confessor… (reacting to Letho)
  • My charming advisor. (reacting to Triss Merigold)
  • Demavend, that stick still firmly planted between his cheeks.

Harald the Cripple
  • Well played… for a land rat.
  • Sufferin' sea devils!
  • Ha! I'll take that!
  • Look alive! It's raidin' time!
  • Ha, ha, ha!
  • Got soft underbellies, but they'll do.
  • Ahh, that were close!
  • Move or I'll gut ye!
  • Hmm.
  • Bad, just bad.
  • Supposed to scare me?! That?!
  • Filth like you should be keel-hauled and plank-walked!

  • I see you've been practicing!
  • Devils take all!
  • You're helping me - why would you do that?
  • Think this is my first battle?
  • You'll need to try harder than that.
  • Oi… that was close.
  • Make your move already, I haven't got all day!
  • Interesting…
  • Something's amiss…
  • Ha, ha, ha! Pathetic!
  • You've got balls, that's clear. But you'll need more than that.
  • He has an unusual interpretation of "brotherly love." (reacting to Foltest)
  • A revolting monstrosity. (reacting to Striga)
  • Fiery and headstrong. I don't envy her enemies. (reacting to Queen Meve)
  • The dragonslayer is not hard on the eyes. (reacting to Saskia)
  • Useful, though talks far too much. (reacting to Dethmold)
  • Don't trust her… nor any other witch. (reacting to Sile de Tansarville)
  • The wolf pup has much left to learn. (reacting to Radovid)
  • He's yet to prove his true mettle. (reacting to Prince Stennis)
  • A worthy foe. (reacting to Demavend)
  • The witch got what she deserved. (reacting to Sabrina)

John Calveit Avatar
John Calveit
  • Admirable move. I'm impressed.
  • Ess'sheyss... [Dammit...]
  • The Empire will repay you for that.
  • Prepare for a demonstration of Nilfgaardian might!
  • Minor obstacles on our road to glory.
  • The Great Sun shall light our path.
  • Good… hope still lives.
  • What an incredible waste of time…
  • Hmm… I shall take note of that.
  • One learns through one's errors.
  • In need of help, perhaps?
  • I am tolerant… to a point.

King BranAvatar
King Bran

Unseen ElderAvatar
Unseen Elder
  • Hmm… you live.
  • Hsssss!
  • Offering accepted.
  • Silence! Behold!
  • Hmm… fresh blood.
  • Mi marish. [My servant.]
  • Hrmph.
  • You tax my patience.
  • I must… reflect.
  • A fatal error.
  • Hheh, hheh, that should scare me?
  • Begone!
  • Sech farthana. [Step-daughter.] (reacting to Orianna)
  • Foolish child… (reacting to Dettlaff)
  • Fratricide. (reacting to Regis)
  • Athumica… [Kin…] (reacting to lower vampires)
  • Outsider… (reacting to Hubert Rejk)
  • Hheh, hheh… (reacting to witchers)
  • Troublemaker. (reacting to Syanna)

Vesemir Avatar
  • Good work!
  • Dammit…
  • Thanks.
  • Just you wait… you'll regret that!
  • Well, well…
  • Gotta say, looking good.
  • Huh, that was close.
  • C'mon, move already!
  • Interesting…
  • Got my comeuppance, I did.
  • Maybe I should close my eyes, even the odds, eh?
  • Prepare to fight, gloves're coming off.
  • Takes too many liberties, that one.
  • A mischievous child, mischievous as a grown-up.
  • Geralt Roger Eric du Haute-Bellegarde. Hah!
  • Eskel. You can always count on Eskel.
  • Ah, Lambert, Lambert… doubt that one'll ever grow up.
  • Triss Merigold, charming as ever, the epitome of feminine grace.

  • Mmm… you're good, very good.
  • Someone shall pay for this!
  • I'm very, very grateful. Truly so.
  • Time to play, have some fun.
  • You call that your army? THAT?
  • They devoted, thoroughly. Willing to die for me.
  • That cannot, will not happen again.
  • Chop, chop - hurry, or you shall regret it sorely.
  • Hmm. Intriguing.
  • An error. And I daresay your last.
  • Ha, ha, ha! Pathetic!
  • Your head will roll for that!
  • Still very much treats me like a child. (reacting to Foltest)
  • Pfff. Father wished to marry me off to him. (reacting to Radovid)
  • My knight in shining armor. (reacting to Geralt)
  • An older bore you cannot imagine. (reacting to John Natalis)
  • The count can be very useful when he wants to be. (reacting to Roderick de Wett)

Anna Henrietta
  • Congratulations - a move well-made.
  • Dreadful, simply dreadful!
  • I'm grateful… and my gratitude can often be priceless.
  • Keep silent. And observe.
  • Pfff. That will not hold even the stub of a candle to my knights errant.
  • To serve one's ruler is an honor.
  • The gods watch over me. Divine protection, it's called.
  • One best never make a ruler wait.
  • Highly curious…
  • Even I make errors, occasionally.
  • Hah! My hounds would do better.
  • You're but a step from the hangman's block.
  • A professional, through and through. (reacting to Geralt)
  • He'd go through any hell for me. (reacting to Damien)
  • Not that wretched vampire again! (reacting to Dettlaff)
  • By all means a likeable fellow… though he keeps the strangest company. (reacting to Regis)
  • My dear bijou of a sister… (reacting to Syanna)
  • Attack! For Toussaint! For your duchess! (reacting to knights errant)
  • Your Imperial Majesty… (reacting to Emhyr)
  • Oh, that is some gall he must have to show his face here! (reacting to Dandelion)

Ardal Aep Dahy
  • Impressive. For a barbarian.
  • Bloede…
  • Today you did the the Empire a great favor.
  • Time to strike.
  • That impresses me not at all.
  • Bow before the power of the Empire.
  • By the Great Sun…! That was close.
  • Go on! Move! Now!
  • Scribe! Make a note of that.
  • How…?! That's impossible!
  • Did you truly believe you could win?
  • When I'm done with you, you shall beg for forgiveness.
  • A proud queen. To break her will be a pleasure. (reacting to Queen Meve)
  • A good emperor. He did not deserve his fate. (reacting to Fergus)
  • An unfortunate, misguided boy… (reacting to Villem)
  • I would have him drawn, quartered and pissed upon… if I didn't need him. (reacting to Count Caldwell)
  • "Had I not acted, he would still be sitting upon his stolen throne. (reacting to Usurper)
  • He long ago forgot who helped him oust and kill the Usurper. (reacting to Emhyr)
  • That peasant girl is a finger in the eye of the whole court! (reacting to Fake Ciri)

  • You fight good! Real good!
  • Ha, ha, ha!
  • That for me? A gift?
  • Death'll atone for my shame!
  • C'mon, hustle!
  • C'mon! Don't tell me youse afeared?!
  • Ehh?! I'm not dead yet?!
  • This waitin', I can't bear it!
  • Ooh, gotta remember that!
  • Nay, nay, naaaay…
  • Your mum were a gerbil and your pa reeked o' sour plums!
  • Ha, ha, think I'm afeared o' death?!

Barnaby Beckenbauer Avatar
  • Ooh… not bad at all, that!
  • Uh-oh…
  • Thanks! That I can use.
  • Look closely, now, you'll want to. This is likely to be big!
  • Hmm… I'll think of what to do about this in a minute.
  • Well? Rather tidy, wouldn't you say?
  • It's never been this bad before, I swear! Well, maybe once or twice…
  • No need to hurry. Not as if there's a time limit or anything.
  • Oooh! I ought to examine this far more closely!
  • Oops…
  • Bwahahaha! Ah, right, sorry. I thought it was a jest.
  • Watch out or I'll… I'll… nibble your knee!
  • She's got quite the smarts… for a human. (reacting to Queen Meve)
  • That madwoman again, devils take her! (reacting to Isbel of Hagge)
  • Hahaha! A jester if I've ever seen one! (reacting to Raynard Odo)
  • Oh, smokes faaaar too much, that one. (reacting to Gabor Zigrin)
  • They stuck me in a barrel once, so… I'm not a fan. (reacting to Brouver Hoog)
  • Ahh, yes, a fine gnome. Though a bit of a bore. (reacting to Percival Schuttenbach)
  • Charming, that lady. Charming. (reacting to Black Rayla)
  • Something's not quite right about him. Besides the face, that is. (reacting to Xavier)
  • Crikey… easily the most wondrous knight I've ever seen! (reacting to Eyck of Denesle)
  • I'm rather positive he cheats at cards. (reacting to Gascon)

NR Count Caldwell 2 Avatar
Count Caldwell
  • Luck was on your side. This time.
  • Burn in demonfire, wretch!
  • You have my gratitude.
  • Time to make my move.
  • You call that an army?
  • Impressed yet?
  • Ahem… I planned that. From the start.
  • Move it or I'll have you flogged!
  • How curious…
  • Everyone makes mistakes.
  • You think you stand a chance against me?
  • You'll regret that, bumpkin!
  • We'll see who's the better strategist… Your Grace. (reacting to Queen Meve)
  • Loyalty. His strongest trait, and his weakness. (reacting to Raynard Odo)
  • The general's a man of breeding and culture. (reacting to Vrygheff)
  • A rabid mutt that must be put down.
  • A naive little boy.
  • His Imperial Majesty.

  • Gvaerte t'eich symued. [I admire your move.]
  • Geas! [Swearing.]
  • Essea dy'olcaer. [I am grateful.]
  • Mire. Mire e goil! [Watch. Watch and weep!]
  • Ess'laine... Eit'r gvaen. [Pretty... but weak.]
  • Evelienn milvaere en ard scedde. [All my warriors are of the highest caliber.]
  • Cáerme gvaena aep me. [Fate has smiled on me.]
  • Ess'tedd, va! [It is time, move!]
  • Que suecc's? [What's going on?]
  • Daegen gvall! [An unnecessary error!]
  • Mire, que spar aen'te. [Watch as I shoot.]
  • Elaine blath, Feainnewedd... [A lovely flower, child of the sun...] (reacting to Francesca)
  • N'te mire daetre. Spar! [Do not look. Shoot!] (reacting to Dol Blathanna Archer / Protector)
  • Aedd Gynvael aen me corras. [A shard of ice in my heart.] (reacting to Iorveth)
  • Aen Elle...? Gar'ean! [Aen Elle…? Watch out!] (reacting to Wild Hunt Generals)
  • Ceádmil, aen Saevherne. [Greetings, Sage.] (reacting to Ida Emean)
  • Que'n esse, va en esseath... [What lasts now will also pass.] (reacting to Aelirenn)

Gascon Avatar
  • Well, well… who would've thunk.
  • Why you little…!!
  • You have my heartfelt thanks!
  • Read them and weep.
  • Nice. It'd be a shame if somethin' were to happen to them.
  • Phew… I was starting to sweat.
  • Hnnnh… hm, wha? Sorry, nodded off.
  • Oh? Was not expecting that.
  • Confound it.
  • Fall on you sword, sir! Have some honor!
  • The gloves are comin' off.
  • Our favorite merry widow. (reacting to Queen Meve)
  • Stick in the mud. Spoils more fun than pox and cholera combined. (reacting to Raynard Odo)
  • Now who's that handsome devil? (reacting to himself)
  • And here I thought sorceresses were always young and voluptuous. (reacting to Isbel of Hagge)
  • He knows his vodka, I'll give him that. (reacting to Gabor Zigrin)
  • Got a few screws loose… just my sort of chap! (reacting to Barnaby Beckenbauer)
  • Ugh… think I've lost my appetite. (reacting to Xavier)
  • That ball of lard'll soon learn what it means to play with fire. (reacting to Count Caldwell)
  • Oooh, little snot's got it coming now… (reacting to Vilem)

Crowned Meve Avatar 1
Queen Meve
  • I'm impressed.
  • Ohh, dammit all…
  • You have my thanks.
  • Brace yourself, there'll be no mercy.
  • That won't stop us!
  • Lyria shall conquer!
  • That was… unexpected.
  • Careful. I'm losing patience.
  • Hmm… puzzling.
  • Bad move…
  • Really? You think you stand a chance?
  • It's war you want, then? Prepare for hell.
  • Good, loyal Reynard.
  • My dear son… head full of tourneys and nothing else.
  • Witchers – unreliable in my experience.
  • I'm not certain what I should think of him. (reacting to Gascon)
  • He's far too gullible to govern. (reacting to Villem)
  • Never thought he'd have the stones to betray me. (reacting to Count Caldwell)
  • He underestimates me. For that, he shall pay dearly. (reacting to Ardal Aep Dahy)
  • The Emperor will rue the day he picked a fight with us. (reacting to Emhyr var Emreis)
  • There's no denying her talent, but there's something in her that frightens me. (reacting to Black Rayla)
  • A clever man, though popssesses all the wrong priorities. (reacting to Demavend)

Black Rayla Avatar
  • My, you've almost caught up.
  • Devils take it all!
  • You're helping me. Why?
  • Time to get my hands dirty.
  • They won't be any trouble at all.
  • Just make sure they don't get in my way.
  • Ugh…
  • Move it, I've not got the time!
  • Hm. Curious.
  • A fatal error.
  • Pssh, a child would be more of a challenge.
  • I've a dagger just for you.
  • Ugh.
  • He ought to hang.
  • He's more dangerous than the others.
  • We'll get our hands on him, only a matter of time.
  • He's got his flaws, but he's a good king. (reacting to Demvavend)
  • Got his priorities straight, I daresay. (reacting to Vernon Roche)
  • Sher's renowned and it's not unjustified. (reacting to Queen Meve)
  • Decent enough, for a dwarf. (reacting to Gabor Zigrin)
  • Sodliers always strike up a rapport. (reacting to Raynard Odo)
  • His jester act doesn't impress me. (reacting to Gascon)

  • Nice work - man, you deserve two sugar cubes for that!
  • Neeeeeiiigh!
  • Thanks, bud! Really, I appreciate it, that's no horse dookie.
  • Watch out for this next card, it's a "dark horse"… hehe, get it?
  • Trying to make an ass out of me?
  • That's right. Roach has a posse.
  • Prrrr!
  • If I dragged my hooves like that, I'd get a swift spur to the kidneys.
  • Oh? Now that's a horse of a different color…
  • Hard to believe, I know, but horses make mistakes, too.
  • Not to beat a dead horse - but that was pathetic.
  • All right, pal, shoes are comin' off!
  • Love the guy… though he does tend to yell. (reacting to Geralt)
  • All right, so I get lost sometimes, so what?! (reacting to himself)
  • Greetings to you, my hooved friend. (reacting to Prize-Winning Cow)
  • That cow deserves a proper burial! (reacting to Rot Tosser)
  • Hands off him, you dirty animal! (reacting to Ekimmara)
  • Nothing quite as beautiful as a galloping horse. (reacting to cavalries)
  • Aaaaagh! It's almost got 'im! (reacting to Griffin)

  • Exceptional! I'm truly impressed.
  • Sod it all…
  • I thank you, on behalf of the Order of the Flaming Rose.
  • Our time has come now!
  • Worthy foes.
  • All together! Shoulder to shoulder!
  • Thanks be to the Fire, the Eternal Fire.
  • Patience is a virtue… patience is a virtue…
  • Oh. Not what I expected, not at all.
  • Every man errs atimes.
  • Was that… saracasm?
  • Divine justice comes slowly, yet most certainly comes.
  • A role model for me, for all time.
  • A good, honorable witcher is Geralt.
  • For a young ruler, Radovid knows rather well what he is doing.
  • The Grand Master ventured astray… but he was a good man, a righteous man. (reacting to Jacques de Aldersberg)
  • Him and those of his - all blinded by hatred. (reacting to Yaevinn)

  • Goodie card drop!
  • Ohhh…
  • Oooh! Thank!
  • Look-look! Now Shupe gwentycard drop.
  • Uman that gwentycard drop… Shupe think.
  • Look-look! Shupe that drop!
  • Phew…
  • Shupe whole day not got!
  • In-tres-ting… like rocks!
  • Uh-oh…
  • Oh… silly Shupe thought uman good gwentyplay.
  • Oy! No! Or Shupe all glitterocks and kegs back take!
  • Prettybirds draw… (reacting to Trollolo)
  • Oooh… error troll! (reacting to Champion of Champions)
  • Shupe worry much 'bout that troll. (reacting to Drunken Troll)
  • Ya, ya… troll. (reacting to other Trolls)
  • That troll Shupe troll! (reacting to Himself)
  • But but… why good rocks toss? (reacting to Machines)
  • Ohhh wow… walkie rock! (reacting to Golems and Elementals)
  • Good uman, teach trolls talkietalk. (reacting to Thaler)

  • Hrmph. Fine, you're not completely incompetent.
  • Bloede joc… [A bleeding joke…]
  • You've helped me, but that entitles you to nothing. Don't get any grand ideas.
  • Brace yourself for what comes soon.
  • You deem that an army? I deem it a laughingstock.
  • My men are ever at the ready.
  • Do not count on further errors. There will be none.
  • My time - waste it not.
  • Something worthy of my attention at last.
  • Incompetence I cannot tolerate.
  • What chance have you against me? Huh? What?
  • N'ess aedragh a me. [Don't provoke me.]
  • Might've snapped that brat's neck when I had the chance. (reacting to Emhyr)
  • A weak man who would march us into the abyss. (reacting to Fergus)
  • A traitor and a coward. He shall pay for his failings dearly… (reacting to Ardal Aep Dahy)

  • Ooh, so strong, so clever!
  • You'll suffer for that!
  • A favor for a favor, we always keep our word.
  • You should have run, my child…
  • Ohh, such a big, strong army…
  • So? Do they please you?
  • You can't kill us. No one can.
  • Your time comes to an end.
  • What?! But the innards showed none of this…
  • Tsk-tsk. My, my…
  • Teeheeheeheeheee!
  • You will regret that. Very, very much.
  • Mmm… I would gladly munch him up whole!
  • The torturer misses his captive - sad! Heeheehee!
  • Ready the cauldron, sister! Time to feast! (reacting to Brewess)
  • My darling sister, how ever do you fare? Heeheehee! (reacting to Weavess)
  • Evil! A great evil that must be brought down, destroyed! (reacting to Whispering Hillock)
  • The child of the Elder Blood… Her scent - enthralling! (reacting to Ciri)
  • You bear our sign - you belong to us! (reacting to Anna Strenger)

Maerolorn Avatar

Placeholder Art / Removed Art / Temporary Screenshots

PriscillaUNRLSD Nenneke2 Field Medic 2 Field Marshal Duda Agitator2 Jade Golem Placeholder Lesser Jade Golem Chironex2 Devil's Puffball (WIP) Red Haze (WIP) Epidemic2 Operator 3 Execute Feast LaceratePlaceholder Yarpen Zigrin Turned; Different Face Isengrim; Outlaw Trial of the Grasses2 Dimeritium Bomb2 Dol Blathanna TrapperPART Succubus2 Griffin2 Nekker2 Nekker3 NekkerART1 Syrennnnn Lamia (old) SirenUnreleased2 SirenUnreleased Wild Hunt RiderART1 Wild Hunt RiderART2 Blue Stripes CommandoART1 Blue Stripes CommandoART2 Temerian InfantryART1 Temerian InfantryART2 Reaver HunterART1 Reaver HunterART2 QueensguardART1 QueensguardART2 ShieldmaidenART1 ShieldmaidenART2 Merigold's Hailstorm (Placeholder Sketch) Falibor's Archer (Unfinished Pre-color Placeholder Sketch) Manticore Venom Placeholder Swallow Elixir (Pre-colored Placeholder) Thunderbolt Elixir (Pre-colored Placeholder) Castle Gate Quen Sign (Unfinished) Djenge Frett2 Raging Bear Slight Recolor Bear (Unfinished) Kaedweni Knight 2 Cursed Aedirnian Soldier (WIP) Cintrian Envoy (WIP) Cintrian Knight (WIP) Blue Stripes Scout2 Red Stries Commando Reaver Scout2 Reaver Scout3 Ban Ard Adept Pre Recolor Menagerie Keeper (WIP) Duchess's Informant (WIP) Aglais2 Saskia Pre Recolor Eleyas2 Vrihedd Brigade2 Hawker Smuggler 2 Dwarven Mercenary2 Arachas Behemoth 2 Impera Brigade (Zoomed out, unfinished) Emhyr var Emreis2 Morvran Voorhis2 Vattier de Rideux2 Letho of Gulet2 Menno Coehoorn2 Stefan Skellen2 Tibor Eggebracht2 Rainfarn2 ShilardPlaceholder Albrich2 Assire var Anahid2 Sweers2 Vanhemar2 VreemdePlaceholder Archer Support2 Black Infantry Archer2 Combat Engineer2 Emissary2 Emissary3 Fire Scorpion2 Impera Brigade2 Impera Brigade3 Impera Brigade4 Mangonel2 Nauzicaa Brigade2 Nauzicaa Brigade3 Botchling2 Dandelion2 Prince Stennis2 Field Medic3 Francesca2 Iorveth2 Isengrim2 Milva2 Ciaran2 Ida Emean2 Toruviel2 Yaevinn2 Yarpen Zigrin2 Dol Blathanna Trapper2 Elven Mercenary2 Iorveth's Commando2 Iorveth's Commando3 Vrihedd Vanguard2 Eredin2 Eredin3 Vesemir TW3 Gwent Placeholder Keira Metz2 Dun Banner Poor Infantry 4 Reaver HunterX Shaelmaar2 Aelirenn2 Malena Render Placeholder Scorch Trap Regis2 Dispel Magic Merigolds Hailstorm2
Northern RealmsPriscilla Northern RealmsNenneke Northern RealmsField Medic Icon Neutral Field M. Duda: Agitator Icon Neutral Jade Golem Icon Neutral Lesser Jade Golem Icon Neutral Chironex Icon Neutral Devil's Puffball Icon Neutral Red Haze Icon Neutral Epidemic Icon Neutral Operator SkelligeExecute (ex-Lacerate) SkelligeGrand Feast SkelligeLacerate Scoia taelYarpen Zigrin Scoia taelIsengrim: Outlaw Icon Neutral Trial of the Grasses Icon Neutral Dimeritium Bomb Scoia taelDol Blathanna Trapper MonsterssSuccubus MonsterssGriffin MonsterssNekker MonsterssNekker MonsterssNekker MonsterssLamia MonsterssLamia MonsterssSiren MonsterssSiren MonsterssWild Hunt Rider MonsterssWild Hunt Rider Northern RealmsBlue Stripes Commando Northern RealmsBlue Stripes Commando Northern RealmsTemerian Infantry Northern RealmsTemerian Infantry Northern RealmsReaver Hunter Northern RealmsReaver Hunter SkelligeQueensguard SkelligeQueensguard SkelligeShieldmaiden SkelligeShieldmaiden Icon Neutral Merigold's Hailstorm Icon Neutral Falibor's Archer Icon Neutral Manticore Venom Icon Neutral Swallow Elixir Icon Neutral Thunderbolt Elixir Icon Neutral Portcullis Icon Neutral Quen Sign SkelligeDjenge Frett SkelligeRaging Bear SkelligeBear Northern RealmsKaedweni Knight Northern RealmsCursed Knight Northern RealmsCintrian Envoy Northern RealmsCintrian Knight Northern RealmsBlue Stripes Scout Northern RealmsRed Stripes Commando Northern RealmsReaver Scout Northern RealmsReaver Scout Northern RealmsBan Ard Adept Clear weatherMenagerie Keeper Clear weatherDuchess's Informant Scoia taelAglais Scoia taelSaskia Scoia taelEle'yas Scoia taelVrihedd Brigade Scoia taelHawker Smuggler Scoia taelDwarven Mercenary MonsterssArachas Behemoth Clear weatherImpera Brigade Clear weatherEmhyr var Emreis Clear weatherMorvran Voorhis Clear weatherVattier de Rideux Clear weatherLetho of Gulet Clear weatherMenno Coehoorn Clear weatherStefan Skellen Clear weatherTibor Eggebracht Clear weatherRainfarn Clear weatherShilard Clear weatherAlbrich Clear weatherAssire var Anahid Clear weatherSweers Clear weatherVanhemar Clear weatherVreemde Clear weatherArcher Support Clear weatherBlack Infantry Archer Clear weatherCombat Engineer Clear weatherEmissary Clear weatherEmissary Clear weatherFire Scorpion Clear weatherImpera Brigade Clear weatherImpera Brigade Clear weatherImpera Brigade Clear weatherMangonel Clear weatherNauzicaa Brigade Clear weatherNauzicaa Brigade Northern RealmsBotchling Northern RealmsDandelion Northern RealmsPrince Stennis Northern RealmsField Medic Scoia taelFrancesca Scoia taelIorveth Scoia taelIsengrim Scoia taelMilva Scoia taelCiaran Scoia taelIda Emean Scoia taelToruviel Scoia taelYaevinn Scoia taelYarpen Zigrin Scoia taelDol Blathanna Trapper Scoia taelElven Mercenary Scoia taelIorveth's Commando Scoia taelIorveth's Commando Scoia taelVrihedd Vanguard MonsterssEredin MonsterssEredin Icon Neutral Vesemir Northern RealmsKeira Metz Northern RealmsDun Banner Standard Northern RealmsPoor Infantry Northern RealmsReaver Hunter MonsterssShaelmaar Scoia taelAelirenn Scoia taelMalena Scoia taelScorch Trap Icon Neutral Regis Icon Neutral Dispel Magic Icon Neutral Merigold's Hailstorm


Scout Border Neophyte Border Swordmaster Border Marksman Border Wardancer Border Queen of the Elves Border Monsters1 Nilfgaard1 NR1 Scoia'tael1 Skellige1 Festival1
Scout Neophyte Swordmaster Marksman Wardancer Queen of the Elves Monsters Nilfgaard Northern Realms Scoia'tael Skellige Festival


Asset attachments

  • Kaedweni Sergeant's art and voice lines were initially meant for Vandergrift, who remained unreleased until Mid-Winter Update.
  • Herbalist's art and voice lines were initially meant for Josta, who was to be a Silver Skellige card.
  • Savage Bear's art was initially meant and used by a Silver Skellige Unit; Olaf the Bear in the "Alpha" version of the game.
  • Vicovaro Novice's art and voice lines were used by a Northern Realms' Margarita's token; Ban Ard Adept in the early stages of the Closed Beta.
  • Supposedly, Lacerate's effect was initially attached to a Skellige-only card; Execute - its art can be seen above, in Placeholder Art section.
  • Another unreleased Skellige card, Grand Feast was a placeholder zoomed-in art of Draig Bon-Dhu.

Singleplayer: Witcher's Story

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Character Interactions (Cards) and Unused Voice Lines

Character Interactions:

Caleb Menge
I've a special pyre for you, Chappelle.

You shall not escape us, Zireael. (unedited, reacting to Ciri)

Lookie here, if it ain't Cyprian Wiley!

Hey… you're almost as good as me, Priss.

Ciri, watch out!
Roach! Dammit… where'd she go this time…?

Lady of the Lake
Welcome back, Geralt of Rivia.

Leo Bonhart
You belong to me, lass. (reacting to Ciri)

Dandelion, what've you gotten yourself into this time?

Time for a rematch, lady Yennefer…

Sile de Tansarville
Call yourself a king? You're but a sadistic little snot. (reacting to Radovid)

I shall never forgive you, Anarietta, never.

I shan't let you down, da! (reacting to King Bran)

Tamara Stenger
What is my da doin' here? (reacting to Bloody Baron)

I love him. He's mine. (reacting to Nivellen)

Geralt… high time I taught you another lesson.

Unused Voice Lines (Placeholders):

Lie still, you've not yet recovered. (ALT)

Alba Spearman
Mashed potatoes with thick gravy. Or some hard cheese from Gemmera. (ALT)

Assire var Anahid
Evn'gesaen. (Ambassador; reacting to Shilard)
Me voel'tocht aen geehaet va'en. Me vaer'truov, het aen belean'graec. (I had a hard journey. I trust it is something important.)


Done, cmon.
You know best.

Barclay Els
Gotta get this rasty mess in order. (ALT)
Gotta get this stinkin' mess in order. (ALT)

Birna Bran
You stand before the Queen of Skellige. (ALT)
So be it. (ALT)
We shall do it my way. (ALT)

Bloody Baron
Pffgrr! Let's show this bastard what we're worth!

Blueboy Lugos
Well? Can we go?

Brokilon! (ALT)
For Eithné! (ALT)

Cahir (Replaced by the same ones with different Voice)
As you wish.
I am no nilfgaardian!
I shall do what I must.

Hurry, axe handle's rottin'!


Clan an Craite Warrior
Let 'em come. We'll greet 'em, we will. With fire and iron. (ALT)

Clan Dimun Pirate Captain
Loot's grand! Enough to drink and plough the whole winter away at taverns.

Clan Heymaey Skald
Listen here, listen well.. I was there.. I was there..

Clan Tuirseach Axeman
Blood and honor!

Crach an Craite
Dare start with me?! The Wild Boar of the Sea?!

Craven Revived (Removed, became Necromancy)
Why must you torture me?
Stop! That huuurts!

Crone: Brewess
Come, sisters, no point in dawdling. The table's set, the cauldron bubbles.
Your blood - so hot, so sweet.

Crone: Whispess
You've freed an ancient power.

Dennis Cranmer
I've never run from no one and I'm not about to start. (ALT)

Djenge Frett (Midwinter Hunt)
Dammit… we oughta turn back, mayhaps?
What the devils is this, a game o' hurley?
Ye daft?! Goin' at 'em with a sword?
Bloody shite, 'at was close…
Listen, mate, whaddaya say we split the bounty…?

Dol Blathanna Archer (Replaced by the current ones)
Nae, dh'oine ve'caeme est.
I never miss. (ALT)
Que spar enn’le! (ALT)

Draig Bon-Dhu
Na, na na na na...

Ten lashes to each scout, hang every third one.
There will be no reinforcements. You must hold.
Time to win this battle. My Lords, to your banners! (ALT)
Hah! Your nightmare! (ALT)

Emhyr var Emreis
We're done talking.
Do you know who I am?
Do not provoke me.
That is an order.
There is but one punishment for traitors. (ALT1)
There is but one punishment for traitors. (ALT2)
Patience is not a virtue I am known to have. (ALT1)
Patience is not a virtue I am known to have. (ALT2)
Patience is not a virtue I am known to have. (ALT3)
The North shall tuck tail and beg for mercy. That is its destiny. (ALT1)
The North shall tuck tail and beg for mercy. That is its destiny. (ALT2)
The North shall tuck tail and beg for mercy. That is its destiny. (ALT3)

It is unavoidable.
The king is dead. Long live the king. (unmasked)

Eine glav'echen virti adem!
Our time amongst the living is but the wink of an eye.
An Craite blood is good blood.

I'll take these!

Field Marshal Duda: Agitator & Companion
Scurrrrr-vy scadges!

For Temeria, men! To die for Temeria is to die a good death!
Open this gate, kneel before your king and I shall show you mercy!

My folk have suffered much. (ALT)
We do what must be done. (ALT)

Gaunter O'Dimm
At your service. Always. (ALT)
Hahahah! Point for me. (ALT)

Let's dance!

Geralt (Midwinter Hunt)
Watch the flank!
Watch out, it'll attack from above!
Fire blast on its way!

Harald the Cripple (Replaced by the current one)
Up and at ‘em lazy mingers! Ye’ll sleep when you’re dead!
Up and at ‘em lazy mingers! Ye’ll sleep when you’re dead! (ALT)

Hawker Healer
Shhh! Shush! 'Twill all be fine.
Lickety-split, clean and fit!

Hawker Support (Replaced by the current ones)
Throat's parched, bone-dry.
That’s it!
*spits* You only die once!

Finally. (ALT)

Blood and honor!

Cerys, ah dammit..
Who's next? Who wants to taste Skellige steel? (ALT)

Ida Emean
Laith aen Undod. (One Speech)


Nigh is the time of the Sword and Axe. (ALT1)
Nigh is the time of the Sword and Axe. (ALT2)
When the White Frost comes, do not eat the yellow snow. (ALT1)
When the White Frost comes, do not eat the yellow snow. (ALT2)
Nigh is the time of the White Frost and White Light. (ALT1)
Nigh is the time of the White Frost and White Light. (ALT2)

The thirty-three thieves thought they thrilled the throne throughout Thursday. Hah!
Whiskey! Slither! Ringworm! Rubbish! Bumblebee! Flabbergasted! Ha! The sound of it!

Knut the Callous

Knut the Callous alt 1
Cursed are the meek, we say. (ALT)
Knut the Callous alt 2
I kneel to Svalblod, and Svalblod alone. (ALT)
Knut the Callous alt 3
Let's take the measure o' your manhood. (ALT)
Knut the Callous alt 4
Maim! Kill! (ALT)
Knut the Callous alt 5
Show me what flows in your veins. (ALT)

Jutta an Dimun
Then let's start. May Freya choose the victor. (ALT)

Lady Bran (Unknown, removed from the files)
I've no time for you.
We are prepared to seal the treaty.

Madman Lugos
Get 'em!

Minor Shieldmaiden (Clan Drummond Shieldmaiden)
Lovely scar. Wanna see mine?
I don't like this.
As the gods will it, so shall it be.

A bite.. just one morsel. (ALT)
Grrr. You cannot hide your stench. (ALT)

And I'm not goin' where I'm not... goin'.

You must stop… please… (ALT)
I… I can't… (ALT1)
I… I can't… (ALT1)
No… NOOO! (ALT1)
No… NOOO! (ALT2)
No… NOOO! (ALT3)
No… NOOO! (ALT4)
No… NOOO! (ALT5)
Dunyyyy! (ALT1)
Dunyyyy! (ALT2)

Philippa Eilhart
I'll never be imprisoned again! Never! (ALT)
Cynne'lle, Hen Ichaer, ardane eich'un! (ALT)

Queen Calanthe

Queen Calanthe Alt 1
Cintra's interests, where they lie - this alone matters. (ALT)
Queen Calanthe Alt 2
Everything has its price. The question is, is it worth it. (ALT)
Queen Calanthe Alt 3
Let us get to the point. (ALT)
Queen Calanthe Alt 4
Listen carefully, for I shall not repeat myself. (ALT)
Queen Calanthe Alt 5
We Cintrese greet every guest with arms widespread. (ALT)

A fitting end for a witch.

For Vissegerd! (ALT)

Redanian Knight-Elect
I… I know not what I've done to deserve this…
For Radovid I'll give my life!

Your powers of deduction seem to have waned not one bit. I'm happy. (ALT)

Now, to arms and to the walls! Let's show Henselt real war!

Follow in my footsteps.
Let's go.
We're here.

Sheldon Skaggs
Unbeatable, last I recall. (?)
A spoil of war.
That's your whole army? (?)

Shilard (?)
That was unnecessary.
You can't kill me! I'm the Emperor's emissary!

Sigrdrifa (Replaced by the same ones with different Voice)
May modron Freya watch us and keep us!
The goddess protect you from all evil.
What do you need?

Sile de Tansarville
You can't stop me, not you, not anyone else.
Watch your words.

Men are best kept on a short lead. (ALT)

Tibor Eggebracht
Long live the Emperor! (ALT1)
Long live the Emperor! (ALT2)
Give no quarter! (ALT1)
Give no quarter! (ALT2)
Albaaaa! (ALT1)
Albaaaa! (ALT2)

Tridam Infantry
Tridam! (ALT)

Triss Merigold
I'm ready!
Yes, I missed you too.
You should've run!
I will not let this become a second Sodden! (ALT)

Mamma, come and see dem marching. It King Ravodid who call.
Who drink barrels and ask for more? The infantry from Tretogor!
Who makes Emhyr wet his panty? Cavalry from Nimnar Valley!
Pikes in air, swords to sky! Nilfgaard scum must die die die! (ALT)

I like the way you die.

Blood for Svalblod! (ALT)
Reason is for the feeble o' heart! (ALT)
I'll gut ye like fishes! (ALT)

Vernon Roche
Protect the king!

You mistake stars reflected in a pond for the night sky. (ALT)

Stand your ground! (ALT)
Victory or death! (ALT)

Wild Hunt Rider
Hahahaha! (Unmasked)

Yarpen Zigrin
Ohh, those scunners're in for a world o' hurt… (ALT)
So? Any o' youse wanna good look at mae axe? Dinnae be shy now! (ALT)
Gonna tear their legs from their bahookies! (ALT)

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