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A few ideas I wanted to share:

  • It would be good to mix every cage subpage into one, as of right now, each card page as far as I know only has three links, to three different cards, for insta,ce
  • Second, we need to create a page for each expansion
  • Third, we need to edit the main page. It is using mostly The Witcher 3 images and content, and Thonebreaker, when it should reflect Gwent's actual situation and development, it needs to be updated with the Syndicate faction and with each of the expansion logos.
  • In each of their main pages, instead of naming a card, we should add an image with a link to the proper card page

Overall, I feel like we should follow the structure Heartstone wiki is using, here are some links I think everyone should see.

Expansion - So we can see a good way of creating and updating the expansion pages. See how instead of making a list with the card names and links to their respective pages, the cards are added as images with the link.

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