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Way of the Witcher is a Gwent expansion, featuring 70 new cards across all factions. The expansion was released on October 8th, 2020.

Learn the Way of the Witcher[]

In a world plagued by horrors and monstrosities humanity desperately needed a new type of weapon to turn back the tide. Created by ingenious Alzur, witchers — professional monster slayers of exceptional strength, speed, and agility were tasked to end the threat once and for all. Organized into different schools they honed their craft and passed their knowledge onto novices in training. Some of them were destined to become the legendary heroes and protectors of humanity. Others — the very thing they were supposed to fight…

New cards to reinforce your army[]

From mighty wizards, to terrifying mutants; from skilled witchers to bloodthirsty monsters; and beyond, with iconic locations, as well as all new special cards — Way of The Witcher adds 10 cards per faction, as well as 10 neutral cards, all ready to reinforce any deck.